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Soulja Boy banned then unbanned from Twitch in record time

American rapper and Twitch streamer DeAndre "Soulja Boy" Way is perhaps the first streamer to get banned, then unbanned after five minutes, and then banned again four hours later!
American rapper and Twitch streamer DeAndre "Soulja Boy" Way recently outdid himself after being the first rapper to get banned twice in one day on Twitch while serving the shortest ban in the Amazon-owned streaming platform's history.

The "Crank That" rapper previously made headlines for crafting the now-cancelled "Soulja Boy console"; however, this latest stint arguably takes the cake!

Soulja Boy banned twice in one day on Twitch

According to the Streamer Bans bot, Soulja Boy was hit with his first ban on Twitch on 9th December at 9:39 pm GMT, presumably because of a DMCA claim on his channel.

According to a user on Twitter, Soulja Boy was playing sound samples on his stream while making music. However, a different Twitter user speculated that the samples were, in fact, derived from music he already owned, saying, "Inb4 it was a copyright strike for his own music."

Soulja Boy was served the shortest ban in Twitch history
Soulja Boy was served the shortest ban in Twitch history. (Picture: Twitch / Soulja Boy)

Followingly, Soulja Boy's Twitch account was reinstated roughly 5 minutes later, meaning that Soulja Boy arguably served the shortest ban in Twitch history. "Soulja now hold (sic) hold the world record for [the] fastest rapper to be unbanned on Twitch," a Twitter user wrote.

Given the short duration of the ban, it is safe to assume that the ban was DMCA-related and that the copyright strike was presumably a strike on his intellectual property.

Unfortunately for Soulja Boy, he would later be hit with a second ban on 10th December at around 2 am GMT, nearly five hours after serving the shortest ban on Twitch.

Some fans speculate it's because he used slurs on his stream; however, others think it's because he gifted over 75 subs on The Game Awards' Twitch Livestream. The exact reason for the second ban is not known.

At the time of writing, Soulja Boy's Twitch channel is still banned. However, we must commend Soulja Boy on being the first person ever to get banned on Twitch two times in one day after also serving the shortest ban in Twitch history. 

Step aside, Dr Disrespect. We have a new "Two-Time" in the building, albeit for entirely different reasons.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch & Rolling Stone.