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Streamer Dakillzor claims recent Twitch data breach led to him losing his earnings

Belgian content creator Dakillzor suspects his income has been stolen because of October’s Twitch leak despite him upping all security measures.
October 2021 will go down in history as the day the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch was hacked and viewers’ and content creators’ information was leaked for any and all passerby to see. 

While Twitch promises that the passwords were never exposed and that no credentials, credit card info or bank information was ever accessed, plenty of users took matters into their own hands and reset their stream keys and added two-factor authentication just to be safe -- well, it still might’ve not been enough.

Belgian streamer Jordy Versmesse AKA Dakillzor has taken to social to express how upsetting his situation is. “Twitch pay out stolen might be related to the leak?”, he tweeted with a link to a TwitLonger.

“Twitch pay-out happens on the 15th of each month”, the 26-year-old explained. “After checking my dashboard, you can see in all previous months, that pay-out was done with wire to my own account but this month it was changed to PayPal.”

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Twitch’s confirmation of a successful October pay-out to Dakillzor. (Picture: Twitch)

What Dakillzor suspects happened is that someone got access to his account due to the information leak and changed his bank to the hacker’s PayPal, who the victim claims to be on a “temporary throwaway email.”

The streamer also pledges to have changed his password and added 2FA which goes through his phone after the big hack of 8th October and that he did not receive a payment information change email or suspicious log-in ever since the Twitch leak.

 Twitch, hack, hack, paypal, payout, scam, robbed, theft, wire, money, 15th, streamer, leak, info, log in, 2fa, password
Twitch already closed Dakillzor’s support ticket since the payment was technically sent successfully. (Picture: Twitch)

Versmesse is a Twitch partner with over 100,000 followers and garnishes thousand of viewers monthly. Twitch support is yet to come forward and acknowledge or contact the wronged party, at the time of writing.



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