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Streamers plan Twitch strike after platform fails to tackle "hate raids"

Marginalized streamers are protesting against Twitch "hate raids" by calling on all creators to support the #ADayOffTwitch trend by not streaming on September 1st.
Streamers plan Twitch strike after platform fails to tackle "hate raids"

Earlier this month we indicated that Twitch streamers from marginalized groups were being targeted by "hate raids", which involved a massive influx of hateful and discriminatory messages being spammed in their chat. Many streamers subsequently called on Twitch to take action and spurred the #TwitchDoBetter trend. 

After Twitch failed to remediate the situation, Twitch streamers have now rallied behind the #ADayOffTwitch trend as a means to protest against the ongoing "hate raids" on the streaming platform. The protest is scheduled for September 1st and calls for all users not to log in or stream on Twitch.

Twitch streamers protest against "hate raids" with #ADayOffTwitch trend

The movement is being led by content creators, Rek It Raven, LuciaEverBlack, and Shineypen, who claim to be "continuing the fight" against the harassment. 

twitch streamers boycott adayofftwitch movement social media luciaeverblack shineypen
Streamers attempt to boycott Twitch with #ADayOffTwitch movement. (Picture: Twitter / Rek It Raven)

LuciaEverBlack has also called on Twitch star Asmongold to consider showing his support and solidarity with them, citing: "Twitch should be a fun place for everyone. Even if we don't all get along, we don't have to like each other to do the right thing. Hate and harassment should not be the default experience of creators."

Twitch's initial response to the "hate raids" were not well received by those who were affected. In a lengthy thread, Twitch said that they would address the issues by having "an open and ongoing dialogue about creator safety" and admitted that there was a "vulnerability in [its] proactive filters".

Despite promising to address the emerging issue with the release of new "channel-level evasion detection" tools for creators, "hate raids" have persisted on Twitch and ultimately led to creators now attempting to boycott the streaming service.

streamers boycott twitch adayofftwitch trend on social media targeted marginalized streamers hate raids
Streamers rally behind #ADayOffTwitch after being targeted by discriminatory "hate raids" on Twitch. (Picture: Twitch / Plus Size Barbie)

While the realistic impact of an attempted boycott against Twitch is unremarkable, it has not dissuaded streamers from standing together against this important cause.

We agree that no person should be targeted by harassment or abuse and that further action is necessitated. We will have to wait and see what Twitch's response will be and what the efficacy of the #ADayOffTwitch will have on this ongoing issue.

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