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Twitch allows users to refund subscriptions claiming they "just wanted a shoutout"

Twitch has seemingly made it easier for users to troll broadcasters by giving them the option to cancel their subscriptions free of charge within a 10-minute period.
Twitch has enraged the streaming community by adding a brand-new option for users looking to cancel their subscriptions soon after they acquire them, letting viewers issue a refund stating that their only purpose was to receive a shout out from the broadcaster, a common practice on the platform.

Streamer TalesOfTiny raised awareness about this new option, criticizing Twitch for taking "one step forward, two steps back," when it comes to protecting content creators.

twitch sub cancelled shoutout(Image: TalesOfTiny)

"Yes, I confirmed it works. It's not just a jebait option. I got a refund," Tiny added in her Twitter post.

Twitch subscriptions have a $5 cost (or the equivalent depending on your region) with half of the money going to the streamer and half to the company. While issuing a sub refund doesn't cause the problems of having to deal with a donation chargeback, where the streamer has to pay a compensation fee, thus losing money in the process, it can become an inconvenience moving forward. 

We can confirm the option is now available to every person who decides to sub to a streamer and issue a refund before the 10-minute mark expires. 

Twitch has yet to issue a statement regarding this new option and whether it'll be a permanent mainstay within their refund policies moving forward