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Twitch streamer finishes Elden Ring speedrun taking no damage

Twitch streamer Seki beat the Elden Beast in under 3 hours in a no-hit/no-damage speedrun of Elden Ring.
Twitch streamer finishes Elden Ring speedrun taking no damage

Elden Ring speedruns are all the craze as players attempt to blast through FromSoftware's latest RPG in as short a timeframe as humanly possible. While several have succeeded, Twitch streamer Seki upped the ante by defeating the Elden Beast without taking any damage whatsoever.

To put the cherry on top, Seki beat Elden Ring glitchless, finishing the run in under three hours; impressive, to say the least. Accordingly, Kotaku writer Zach Zwiezen reported that Seki's run might have set a new world record, arguably besting the recent no-hit speedrun by Elden Ring player GinoMachino.

Twitch streamer Seki achieves Elden Lord in record win

Seki told Kotaku that he ran with a different category to Gino, namely no-hit/no-damage, making his win significantly more challenging, explaining that "the player cannot take [any] environmental damage" like fall or poison damage. "This adds difficulty to the run as I don’t have access to buffs such as Red-Feathered Branchsword, which could potentially increase my damage output if I had low health," Seki added.

seki twitch elden ring no hit no damage speedrun
Seki is the first player to beat Elden Ring without taking any damage at all. (Picture: YouTube / Seki)

It goes without saying that these conditions certainly make the run nearly impossible to complete (well, at least for the average player), especially considering the notoriety of Soulsborne games being relentless and unforgiving.

However, we should note that Seki did spend over 130 hours practising and planning his record attempt. Furthermore, we should also add that while others like Gino have completed hitless runs in Elden Ring, they each used different weapons and builds to complete the challenge, exemplifying the skill of these players.

The Twitch streamer announced his winning moment on Twitter on 2nd April, writing, "We got the run" at the top of his lungs (figuratively, of course), with several users flocking to congratulate him in the comments. "Now this, this is impressive. Infinitely more [impressive than] a Speedrun where someone glitches through the map and skips 99% of the game's content," wrote Twitter user Cloudless_Snail.

Explaining how he managed to beat the Elden Beast, Seki said he used a Dexterity/Intelligence build, with the Moonveil Katana as his primary weapon. He also mentioned using the Rock Sling spell to clear mobs. Unsurprisingly, Seki confessed that fighting the Elden Beast was the most challenging part of the run.

"It has a specific move that is infamously unfair: Elden Stars. One of the only ways to possibly avoid it is by staggering him while he’s casting the spell," Seki told Kotaku before adding that it took "dozens of hours of precise practice and training to time correctly."

how did seki beat elden beast no hit no damage
Seki used a Dex/Int build to fell the Elden Beast. (Picture: YouTube / Seki)

During the stream, Seki made his fans aware of how hard his heart was thumping in his chest, especially toward the end of the run, which became an equally nail-biting moment for his fans watching.

The Twitch streamer further noted that he intends to try an "All Remembrances no-hit" speedrun, which despite him already being honoured with "legendary" status, he believes will be a "true test of skill."

The full VOD of Seki's speed run is available on his YouTube channel, which we encourage you to watch. It's simply incredible.


Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware and YouTube / Seki.