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Twitch partner Maya mocks djWHEAT's hot tub "solution"

Watching djWHEAT's latest stream discussing the hot tub meta, Twitch partner Maya couldn't help but laugh at the Head of Creator Development's solution.
Twitch partner Maya mocks djWHEAT's hot tub "solution"

In case you've been living under a rock, or should we say submerged under hot water, there's a hot tub meta on Twitch. Recently, Twitch's Head of Creator Development, Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham addressed this hot topic in the community and said the streaming platform is watching the hot tub meta closely. djWHEAT also provided a "solution" for Twitch users, which isn't sitting well. Watching the stream, Twitch partner Maya "Maya" Higa laughed at djWHEAT's hot tub meta solution.

Maya on djWHEAT's Twitch hot tub solution

Maya is a variety Twitch streamer with over 422,000 followers on her channel. She also doesn't do hut tub streams, unlike many other female streamers out there right now. 

Watching djWHEAT's latest stream and speaking about the hot tub meta, Twitch's Head of Creator Development gave what is, without a shadow of a doubt, a poor solution.

maya hot tub meta djwheat solution twitch stream(Picture: Maya)

djWHEAT said that: "I can go in and I can click 'not interested' and that will, kinda, help the Twitch discovery system, uhh, you know, set what you see and what you don't see." 

This hot tub stream solution was for those who have been complaining about seeing hot tub streams as "recommended" for them.

Twitch partner Maya burst out in laughter and mocked this solution to seeing hot tub streams on Twitch.


As you can see, the clip is entitled "IT's ALL OUR FAULT" and it's clearly sarcastic. 

Addressing her stream's chat, Maya said while trying to contain her laughter: "Chat, it is your responsibility to set the discovery system to make sure that kids, and other folks that come on the Twitch website, including advertisers, don't see naked women." 

Maya finished it off by exclaiming: "That is your fault! Not Twitch's! Understand?" and commented that she didn't like djWHEAT's tone.

Maya does make a good point. Why should Twitch users have to take steps to not see hot tub streams, while kids get exposed to multiple people in tiny bikinis all over the place? 

We will have to wait and see what Twitch does next, and how long the hot tub meta will thrive in the Just Chatting section.