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Twitch partner WillNeff receives second ban for "aiding account suspension evasion"

WillNeff has received his second ban from Twitch, this time without any warning from support staff before they went "nuclear".
Twitch partner WillNeff receives second ban for "aiding account suspension evasion"

Twitch partner William "WillNeff" Neff is undoubtedly one of the Amazon-owned streaming platform's rising stars. He also used to have a completely clean ban record, before he got a DMCA strike for watching a Samurai Jack clip, from the official Adult Swim UK YouTube channel. Since then, the content has continued to be clean and entertaining, growing from 170,000 to over 250,000 followers. Unfortunately for WillNeff, he has now received his second ban, and wishes that Twitch support would have warned him before "going nuclear".

Why was WillNeff banned from Twitch?

Firstly, in true WillNeff fashion, he doesn't blame Twitch staff for his recent ban. Instead, he asks that no one "flame, troll or interfere" with Twitch Support, as they "have a ton on their plate and for the most part they do a great job".

So why was WillNeff banned from Twitch in the early hours of the morning on 17th July 2021? Well, WillNeff took to Twitter and explained that he was banned for: “aiding account suspension evasion” and notes that this is "most likely" due to him "chilling with Mr Wobbles". 

WillNeff twitch banned ban mr wobbles support
(Picture: WillNeff / Twitter)

Mr Wobbles is a YouTuber who mostly covers music. He is banned from Twitch. This means other streamers are not allowed to interact with him on live stream. Despite WillNeff muting his stream when speaking to Mr Wobbles, this was apparently "not sufficient" for Twitch.

Will Neff continued by explaining that: "I think this case will at least create an interesting discussion about perma bans and creating content with creators outside of Twitch and the responsibility of individual creators to self screen their content without warning."

He went on to note that this was not Mr Wobbles' fault and that he will be back to streaming soon. He wishes that Twitch Support would have reached out to him instead of "going nuclear" and slapping him with his second ban on the platform. 

Why was WillNeff banned Twitch partner mr wobbles
(Picture: WillNeff / Twitter)

WillNeff should be back to streaming on Twitch from 20th July 2021. However, this is now his second strike...and just like the first ban in May 2021, it seems a bit unnecessary. 

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