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Twitch streamer Full Combos one of Guitar Hero's hardest songs while solving a Rubik's cube

After FC'ing the iconic Soulless 6, CarnyJared has come up with a unique and impressive challenge that will leave you speechless.
Twitch streamer Full Combos one of Guitar Hero's hardest songs while solving a Rubik's cube

The Guitar Hero community never died, in fact, it's alive and well thanks to enthusiasts who have kept the spirit of the original Harmonix games alive with Clone Hero, a free rhythm game that draws heavily from Activision's franchise titles.

One of the most interesting and unique content creators within this community is CarnyJared, who became a bit of a viral sensation back in April when he Full Combo'd Soulless 6, an infamous and seemingly impossible song in Clone Hero that even AIs failed to complete. 

For those unaware, a Full Combo means to complete a song without missing a single note or taking pauses while doing so (this would be called a Tech Full Combo). It took 10 years since the release of Soulless 6 for someone to FC the song, and despite probably becoming one of the biggest achievements any Clone Hero player can obtain, Jared's decided to find brand-new ways to test himself -- enter the Rubik's challenge. 

CarnyJared Full Combos Envy while solving Rubik's Cube

Carny Jared clone hero
CarnyJared was the first Clone Hero player to FC Soulless 6. (Picture: CarnyJared)

Solving a Rubik's cube is a difficult task on its own, now imagine doing so while trying to play one of the most intense songs in Clone Hero without dropping a single note and finishing the 3D puzzle before it ends.

Well, this is exactly what Jared did, completing Envy. The track created by LemonGH in 2012 is still considered a near-impossible song for people that aren't well versed with Guitar or Clone Hero, but as Jared told GINX, being able to FC it while completing a puzzle on the side is a testament to how highly advanced level players have pushed the boundaries of what's possible.

"It’s been around for ages (Envy), and up to only a couple years ago it was still considered a huge FC. Even now it’s incredibly hard to FC, but the fact that a Rubik’s Cube could be solved in something so difficult goes to show how much the top players have advanced in the game."

carny jared
CarnyJaredtoyed with the idea of pulling such a feat for almost a year. (Picture: CarnyJared)

There was a method to the madness of course, as Jared swiftly mentions in his YouTube video, he was forced to use his right elbow on the strum bar for much of the song while he attempted to complete the Rubik's cube, balancing it on his knees whenever he was required to use both hands on the guitar.

Now, Jared makes it perfectly clear that it wasn't a "random solve" with the cube having something he describes as a "manipulated scramble."

"I knew what the solution of the cube would be beforehand. I scrambled it the same way every time because that’s the only way I’d even have a chance at making it happen."

This shouldn't take anything away from his impressive accomplishment, having a memorised Rubik's cube pattern doesn't mean you'll necessarily be able to complete it with ease (or let's be honest, complete it all, as a single mishap can undo all your work), let alone while juggling and expertly inputting all the notes on such an intense song like Envy.

Take a look at CarnyJared's YouTube video down below to see for yourself:

All we have left to say is congratulations to Jared! We can't wait to see what else you come up with next to entertain your Twitch viewers.


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