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Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx shares public cease and desist notice

Hitoshi SmashGodxXx Uechi has sent out a public cease and desist notice following an alleged incident involving his girlfriend.
At the end of March 2021, we reported on an alleged incident involving Twitch streamer Hitoshi "SmashGodxXx" Uechi who has roughly 11,000 followers. During a live Twitch stream, he basically had a fight with his girlfriend, and off-camera, some people believed he slapped her as some suspicious sounds could be heard. Now, SmashGodxXx has sent out a public Cease and Desist notice via social media.

Read about the alleged SmashGodxXx incident in full here.

SmashGodxXx Cease and Desist notice

Taking to Twitter on 6th April 2021, SmashGodxXx shared a Cease and Desist notice to the public.

The notice demands that people need to "Cease and Desist making false statements and criminal threats against SmashGodxXx." 

The notice also says those in question need to remove all false statements and criminal threats against SmashGodxXx from social media. You can check out the notice in full below.

SmashGodxXx cease and desist notice letter twitch streamer girlfriend(Picture: SmashGodxXx)

Failure to comply with this notice after the date of publication (5th April 2021) will see the firm LIU LAW, INC take legal action against those in question on behalf of SmashGodxXx to recover all damages caused to the streamer by those in question.

A Live Stream Fails post about this public notice shared by SmashGodxXx notes how it is against its users, apparently. 


According to the Cease and Desist notice shared by SmashGodxXx, he has already reported criminal conduct to the Sheriff's department in Los Angeles County.

Some Live Stream Fails users are already questioning the validity of this Cease and Desist notice, noting how SmashGodxXx's streamer nickname was used instead of his real name for most of the notice.

At the time of writing, neither SmashGodxXx's Twitch and YouTube channels appear to be working. It remains to be seen what will happen next, following the Cease and Desist notice shared by the Twitch streamer.