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Twitch streamers accidentally shows nude Tifa figure

A figure of Final Fantasy VII's Tifa doing the infamous Jack-O pose has gone viral, with the Mega64 crew showing it on stream.
Twitch streamers accidentally shows nude Tifa figure
Mega64 member Garrett Hunter was unfortunate, or fortunate depending on who you ask, slip up on Twitch this past 11th May, as the streamer accidentally showed a not safe for work Tifa figura live on stream.

Mega64 is a longevous and well-known crew within the gaming community that's been making video game-related content since 2003, boasting over 600k subscribers on YouTube and 63k followers on Twitch.

It was during their weekly Poorly Played Stream (PPS) hosted by Garrett Hunter when the risque incident occurred, shocking both viewers and all the Mega64 members alike.

Mega64 shows nude Tifa on Twitch

Tifa's Jack-O pose statue is selling for $539. (Picture: FanaticAnimeStore)
Tifa's Jack-O pose statue is selling for $539. (Picture: FanaticAnimeStore)

During the early minutes of their PPS podcast, Bryan Chacra brought the Tifa statue as a topic of conversation, which led to the crew accidentally showing one of its fully nude variants on stream.

"We can't show it on air. There's a Tifa figure, where she's like making the stallion ass in the air, in Zack's grave," Chacra stated. Of course, the pose he's mentioning is the now infamous Jack-O pose, a stand the Guilty Gear character has while crouching in the latest iteration of the fighting game franchise, Guilty Gear Strive.

jack-o pose guilty gear
A perfectly normal way for any human being to crouch. (Picture: Arc System Works)

The pose became so popular shortly after the character was revealed that it became a trend within the gaming community, the "Jack-O pose challenge," with cosplayers and artists recreating it with different characters from other franchises. 

The figure, which is a garage kit model, meaning it's unlicensed and more than likely doesn't have the blessing of Square Enix as one would expect, features the iconic and very innocent (despite what her attire might lead you to believe) Final Fantasy VII character doing the Jack-O pose on top of what it appears to be Zack Fair's grave, another well-known character from the franchise.

What the Mega64 crew didn't know, is that on top of having a clothed Tifa variant, there's one with absolutely nothing covering her body, which shocked everyone watching the stream.

"That's safe," one of the members of Mega64 said while watching the aforementioned clothed version. "This is the unsafe version," Chacra responded, completely unaware that production had sent the feed of his browser unto the stream as he clicked on the NSFW Tifa figure. 

You can watch the clip of the incident down below, but as we've mentioned several times, it's very, very not safe for work, so watch at your own risk. 

So har, Twitch has yet to issue a warning or ban of any kind to Mega64's channel. If it does end up happening, we hope it's nothing more than a slap on the wrist as the incident was clearly an accident and not premediated in the slightest. 

Also, if you must know, the Tifa figure in question is retailing for $539 just for the base model, going all the way up to $719 for the deluxe version.


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Featured image courtesy of Mega64/ FanaticAnimeStore/ Square Enix