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TwitchCon Amsterdam cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns

TwitchCon Amsterdam is the latest esport event that has been cancelled due to evolving concerns over Coronavirus.
TwitchCon Amsterdam is just the latest esport event that has been cancelled as organisers continue to grapple with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The event, which bills itself as "an IRL party starring the Twitch community and everything we're into" was scheduled for 2-3 May.

In a statement posted to their website, Twitch expressed regret over the decision but said that the safety of attendees was of the utmost importance:

"To say we’re disappointed you won’t be able to enjoy the show we’ve been building for you is a massive understatement. But the health and safety of our community, employees, and everyone else who has a part in making TwitchCon happen is, as always, our top priority."


Anyone who purchased a ticket will be given a full refund. Those that have booked a hotel through Twitch's hotel block will also be offered a refund but Twitched have stated that those that booked outside of the block, "will need to contact the hotel or rental directly," to arrange any refund.

Exhibitors and sponsors expected at the event will have the option for a full refund or to move commitments to priority selections at TwitchCon San Diego 2020 or TwitchCon Europe 2021. 

The cancellation of the Amsterdam TwitchCon comes following a wave of esport events being affected by the virus including the Rocket League World Championship, the Tekken World Tour, and Pokémon Europe International Championships

The next TwitchCon is scheduled for 25-27 September in San Diego, USA.