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xQc and Adept confirm break up after a fight

xQc and Adept confirmed via tweets that they are apart because of a fight after Adept left the house, leaving fans in shock.
xQc and Adept confirm break up after a fight

Twitch stars, Felix "xQc" Lengyel and "Adept" have announced that they have split.

The couple who, up until March 2021, had only described themselves as roommates confirmed the split via Twitter, with xQc asking that fans stop sending Adept hate.

Adept was the first to break cover, posting on the 6th August that she had a "clear conscience" over the break-up, a mention of "what (she's) experienced" in the same tweet caused some to speculate that xQc abused her in some way. It's a suggestion that Adept was quick to shut down.

"Spoke to xQc about this tweet and apparently people are trying to use this tweet as an implication that Felix physically abused me in some way," adept. says, "That’s not okay. I will make it clear that didn’t happen and anyone accusing him of that will be blocked/reported."

xQc and Adept confirm their break up after a fight
xQc and Adept urge people to not interfere in their personal lives. (Picture: xQc and Adept)

In response and a few hours later, xQc tweeted that he and Adept are now apart, that people should stop speculating around the reasons for their splitting up. He also asked his considerable fanbase to stop harassing her.

While this is not the first time the couple's issues has come to light; previously they were part of a heated argument that started while playing GTA RP; they always seemed to be able to patch things up. However, the current situation appears to be a level more serious and this may prove to be the end of xQc and Adept's relationship.

And while is heartbreaking for their fans, they obviously don't owe any explanation to anyone as it is their personal matter.

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