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How To Defeat The Swamp Monster In Warzone Operation Nightmare

Here's how to defeat the Swamp Monster in Call of Duty Warzone Operation Nightmare.
How To Defeat The Swamp Monster In Warzone Operation Nightmare

Call of Duty has finally released its Halloween event tasking players with battling various entities around the Al Mazrah map in Warzone. The Haunting update forces players to take a different and more careful approach to their matches, especially when battling new bosses.

Within this guide, we'll teach you how to become the top monster slayer throughout Al Mazrah, focusing on the renowned Swamp Monster that's been seen lurking around the muddy pits of the Mawizeh Marshlands. 

Where Is The Swamp Monster In Warzone? Operation Nightmare Location

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Image: Activision

Locating the Swamp Monster is no easy objective. Much like the other bosses, there will be a minimap prompt pointing to where the Swamp Monster is located. It will always spawn in the same location in the Mawizen Marshlands, located specifically on the southernmost point of the Marshlands region of Al Mazrah. 

Keep in mind that all enemy operators can see the same boss location and the probability you're the only squad planning to kill the Swamp Monster is low. Therefore, keep a constant eye on your surroundings to ensure you aren't killed by an enemy squad.

If you're attempting to kill the Swamp Monster with minimum stress from enemy operators, we heavily advise players to complete this task on DMZ. This is simply because there are fewer players operating on DMZ compared to Warzone, raising the chances of success. 

How To Defeat The Swamp Creature In Operation Nightmare

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Image: Activision

The Swamp Monster is a difficult enemy to defeat, giving players the typical CoD zombies feel through defeating waves of creatures. The Swamp Monster isn't a single entity, rather it's a group of like-minded monsters that are trying to kill you. It's heavily recommended that players bring teammates to defeat this enemy to reduce the chances of failure.

Around the marshlands are spores. They're easy to spot and act as supply boxes, so approach them and loot them. Keep looting until you find an item called "The Golden Tiara." Then, follow the minimap Swamp Monster prompt and offer The Golden Tiara to the glowing star on the floor. 

You'll then receive a prompt saying "Threat Detected" and the Swamp Monsters will begin spawning from the ground around you. You're going to need to kill all the Swamp Monsters, keeping in mind that these entities run pretty fast and can take a lot of hits. 

In total, there should be three Swamp Monsters. After killing the final monster a prompt will appear saying "Swamp Creatures: Killed," with the final monster dropping another "Prized Golden Tiara" priced at $100,000 in-game currency. Multiple other goodies will drop, such as plate carriers and souls, but this Golden Tiara can be sold at the shop.

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