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Wild Rift Dragon lane tier list: AD Carry champions ranked from best to worst

An AD Carry must be able to make good decisions, in addition to taking care of its positioning and taking advantage of the opportunities to come out with the victory.
Wild Rift Dragon lane tier list: AD Carry champions ranked from best to worst

After a wait of several months by millions of players, the League of Legends: Wild Rift open beta is now available for the Americas region, with which many veterans and newbies have already been able to fight their way through the Rift on mobile devices.

While not all of the 150+ champions from the original game are available in this title (with a total of 61 currently available), there are plenty of options to choose from based on your position and playing style.

In this guide, we will list some of them, in this case, aimed at the champions for the AD Carry or Duo role in the Dragon Lane.

Description of the tiers

Instead of grouping every single Champion in a general tier list, we'll take a look at the Dragon lane and group the most fitted Champions for it, placing them on different tiers depending on their kit and abilities.

Wild Rift Dragon lane tier list
(Picture: Tiermaker)

Here's a quick explanation for each tier:

  • S-Tier: The best Champions in the game. Simply put, they have all the tools to help you succeed.
  • A-Tier: Solid and reliable. Can require a bit more execution than the other top tiers.
  • B-Tier: Have some tools in their arsenal but ultimately they lack a few key elements to make them completely top tier.
  • C-Tier: Niche Champions who can work as surprise picks.

This comes without saying, but it's worth pointing out nonetheless, tier lists are not an exact science, especially in a MOBA where low and high-level play can drastically impact the viability of Champions.

Without further ado, let's get started.

S-Tier Dragon lane champions

Dragon Lane
(Picture: Riot Games)

Kai’Sa is an unconventional champion for her role thanks to her evolutionary nature, and her high siege potential and her abilities that hit multiple enemies make her a threat against any opponent.

Miss Fortune is usually one of the best options for this lane, being one of the champions with the best kiting and because of her abilities that increase her offensive power, not forgetting her Ultimate with massive area damage. Xayah is one of the most recent additions to the roster, notable for her potential for damage thanks to her Feathers, which open up a window of opportunity at the least expected moment.

A-Tier Dragon lane champions

A tier dragon lane wild rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

Despite his poor arrival at Wild Rift a few months ago, the iconic Draven has proven to be a champion with great potential to turn the game, thanks to his snowballing and super aggressive style. Ezreal on the other hand is a well-known option for his enormous scalable damage, which thanks to his abilities can reach explosive levels, as well as being very elusive.

Jhin the Virtuoso, is known for his long-range attacks and the destructive power of being very close to him, plus his traps and stuns can be a nightmare for teamfights. Now when it comes to blowing things up, Jinx's potential to splitpush, plus her passive and global-range rocket, are a watershed for disaster within the Rift.

B-Tier Dragon lane champions

Dragon lane Wild rift v2.2
(Picture: Riot Games)

Varus is a champion that stands out for his large range, in addition to his attacks that allow root to any enemy, however, it can be a bit difficult to use his set of skills if you do not have good aim, and it can also be somewhat fragile if you don't have your support nearby.

Vayne’s potential depends a lot on how you can handle her cartwheels and stuns when being near walls or structures, plus you must have good control of your positioning so you don't get in a bad situation against the enemy.

C-Tier Dragon lane champions

best Dragon lane champions for Wild Rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

As for Ashe, her attacks and passive can become a big problem for the enemy, as long as you can use them properly according to her range, in addition to having a good handle on her Ultimate.

Finally, our beloved yordle is a powerhouse when it comes to split pushing, however, many fail when trying to use all her skillset properly, so you should practice a lot with her if you want to try to race and win the game with the power of her canyon.

You can check more guides and news about League of Legends: Wild Rift, through our section dedicated to this long-awaited and fantastic game.

So there you have it, the Wild Rift v2.2's Dragon lane champions ranked from best to worst. While you are here why not check out the tier list for the Solo lane, as well as Mid lane, Jungle, and Support?