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Could Andrew Tate Beat The Sh*t Out Of Logan Paul?

Wondering if Andrew Tate could beat the sh*t out of Jake or Logan Paul? We'll break it down here and preview a potential bout between the social media icons.
Could Andrew Tate Beat The Sh*t Out Of Logan Paul?

In recent months, Andrew Tate has enjoyed a massive popularity spike, and he has certainly looked to capitalize on his social media influence. While Tate has remained in the headlines, some of the reasons may not be so desired, including misogyny claims, allegations of a pyramid scheme, as well as his reported hatred for cats.

Andrew Tate's recent escapades have been so noteworthy, that he has even found himself in the crosshairs of the Paul brothers, as recently displayed on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. Logan Paul admitted his interest in wanting to box Andrew Tate, which has led to much fan speculation over a potential bout. If you're looking for a fight breakdown, follow along as we'll look at whether or not Andrew Tate could beat the sh*t out of Logan Paul.

Andrew Tate vs. Logan Paul - Why do they want to fight?

Andrew Tate vs. Logan Paul boxing match
Let's break down who would win a fight between Andrew Tate and Logan Paul. (Picture: Instagram / Logan Paul and Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The discussions of a fight between the two internet sensations first began to circulate when Logan and Jake Paul expressed their desire to fight Andrew Tate on a recent episode of IMPAULSIVE. On the podcast, [Jake] Paul spoke about how he and Andrew Tate had been talking smack “back and forth” online. Paul said, “he talks sh*t about me; says he wants to beat my ass or can beat my ass, and all of this stuff.”

While on the topic of Andrew Tate, both Jake and Logan Paul said they wanted to fight him, with Logan going even further. “Jake, I know he’s been talking sh*t about you, bro. But with your blessing, can I beat the sh*t out of Andrew f*cking Tate?” This instantly sent many fans into a frenzy wondering about the outcome of a potential fight. Let's take a deeper dive into what this bout could produce.

Who would win in a fight? Andrew Tate vs. Logan Paul

Andrew Tate kickboxer
Andrew Tate has a background as a professional Kickboxer. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

First, let's take a look at the combat sports background of Andrew Tate. In 2009, Andrew Tate won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in Derby, England. At the time he was ranked #1 in his division in Europe.

Officially, Tate has a 4-3 record as a professional Kickboxer, with all of his wins coming by way of Knockout, and all his defeats via Unanimous Decision. He also scored a Knockout victory in his only professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight in 2010.

Logan Paul boxing Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul has previously boxed the likes of Floyd Mayweather and K$I. (Picture: Instagram / Logan Paul)

The other half of this potential bout, Logan Paul has a brief history as a boxer, though not all his bouts have been against true professionals. Paul's first boxing match was against fellow YouTube star K$I. The two competed in amateur competition in 2018, with the fight ending in a majority draw (57-57 judges score cards).

Paul and K$I rematched on a professional level a year later, in a highly anticipated event that saw K$I edge out the Split-Decision victory. Two judges scored the fight 57–54 and 56–55 for KSI, and one judge scored it 56–55 in favor of Paul.

Then, in 2020, Logan Paul shocked the world when he signed a contract to face Floyd Mayweather in an Exhibition boxing match (many consider Mayweather to be the greatest boxer of all time). The fight ended up going the distance when the two met for the bout in June of 2021 and seeing that it was technically an Exhibition, no official winner was declared.

The Catchweight bout consisted of 8 3-minute rounds which saw Logan Paul initiate clinching to avoid Mayweather's barrage. To no surprise, Mayweather got the better of the exchanges, with Paul struggling to lay a glove on the undefeated former champion.

But Andrew Tate is no Floyd Mayweather, and a fight between him and Logan Paul would look vastly different. Seeing that Paul has only competed in boxing, it would seem unlikely the bout would take place in another format. A Catchweight would likely need to be agreed upon, as Paul has previously fought at 190 lbs. with Andrew Tate competing at 198 lbs. in Kickboxing. They are very close in height (Paul 6'2'', Tate 6'1'') so the reach would likely be similar as well.

One would certainly have to say that Andrew Tate has the more impressive credentials, but Paul has been more recently active as a combat sports competitor. It's hard to say who would get the better of this fight, let us know what you think by interacting with us on social media to give us your fight predictions.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / IMPAULSIVE.