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Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman have "open discussion" on streamers joining esports organisations

A friendly discussion between the two YouTube streamers on whether joining an esports organisation could devalue streamers brought up some interesting points.
Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman have "open discussion" on streamers joining esports organisations
The best thing about Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar's move to YouTube is his being able to play with with Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm and the banter that follows.

And in a recent report by Esports Talk, the two YouTube streamers are enjoying some pre-Warzone banter when The Doc shot straight from the hip, asking Tim if he joining an esport organisation is good for streamers, and while it was all in jest it did raise some interesting points.

Is joining an esports organisation good or bad?

The conversation took place moments after TimTheTatman’s huge announcement last month, The Doc started discussing content creators and streamers joining esports organisations. More importantly, whether joining popular organisations do more harm than damage to content creators and streamers.

It has been made public that Dr Disrespect has been supportive and happy for TimTheTatman since his monumental announcement. As such, The Doc brought up an interesting thought during a Warzone livestream last month which caught the attention of TimTheTatman.

Dr Disrespect asked TimTheTatman whether joining an esports organisation could be detrimental to a streamer’s credibility. “Do you feel like all your credibility goes out the window when you join an organisation?” Dr Disrepect asked.

Dr Disrespect posed a very interesting question for fellow YouTube streamer, TimTheTatman. (Picture: YouTube)

TimTheTatman quickly responded “Well no” before laughter erupted between the two streamers. The Doc’s question clearly caught everyone by surprise.

Dr Disrespect kept going, citing that he merely wants to engage in conversation with TimTheTatman. “We’re just having a discussion, like an open roundtable discussion with a whiteboard in front of us”.

Tim isn't one to back down though, and jokingly chided Doc for trying to “start an open discussion” with him before expanding on his answer.

TimTheTatman stated that by joining an esports organisation, “it’s not a credibility-out-the-window kind of thing”. Dr Disrespect continued asking whether there is a possibility of streamers fading into the background or being compelled to produce content knowing that it will hurt their brand.

Tim didn't think that was the case though, believing that it is dependent on the streamer whether they can make the opportunity work to their advantage. As such, signing with an organisation can provide amazing opportunities and connections that wouldn’t be presented to streamers not affiliated with an organisation.

TimTheTatman joined Complexity as a content creator and co-owner last month. (Picture: YouTube / TimTheTatman)

While the Doc was clearly joking, you can't help but wonder if maybe there isn't a touch of jealousy here, after all TimTheTatman did just sign with Complexity and on top of the exclusivity deal with YouTube, the latter of which is definately off the cards for the Doc with his ban from Twitch meaning he can hardly threaten to upsticks and move platform.


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Featured image courtesy of TimTheTatman / Twitter.