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IShowSpeed Hit With YouTube Strike For Harassment & Cyberbullying

YouTuber IShowShowSpeed has been banned from YouTube for 14 days after a "harassment and cyberbullying" violation.
IShowSpeed Hit With YouTube Strike For Harassment & Cyberbullying

It’s only been a few months since Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. received his first YouTube strike for broadcasting his avatar getting a blow j*b on Minecraft. Since then, the YouTube star has managed to stay out of trouble; however, it didn't last long.

On 21st September 2022, IShowSpeed revealed that he received his second YouTube strike, resulting in him being banned from the platform for fourteen days. Accordingly, IShowSpeed told fans that the reason for his prohibition was “harassment and cyberbullying.”

Fans speculate that IShowSpeed was banned from the platform because of a live stream where he got into a rally of insults and arguments online with someone and repeatedly called them “fat.” The streamer later confirmed these speculations true.

IShowSpeed Banned For 14 Days On YouTube

ishowspeed banned streaming posting youtube fourteen days
IShowSpeed has been banned from streaming and posting content on YouTube for fourteen days. (Picture: Instagram / IShowSpeed)

IShowSpeed is widely known for his hilarious and crazy antics and has gotten his fair share of criticism for being a comedic figure online. From doing the Kylie Jenner TikTok lip challenge (and immediately regretting it) to lighting fireworks in his home, the content creator has always tried to explore different ways to grow his brand.

However, his latest antic may have crossed the line after the YouTuber received his second strike, resulting in him being banned for fourteen days from the platform for “harassment and cyberbullying."

The YouTuber megastar posted on YouTube, addressing that he’d attempted to appeal the strike. However, IShowSpeed's appeal was rejected, and he was prohibited from streaming and posting videos on the platform for two weeks.

IShowSpeed further explained that the temporary YouTube ban was linked to a skit on the live-chatting cam website, Omegle, where he engaged in a rally of insults with a random stranger.

ishowspeed banned harassment cyberbullying youtube
IShowSpeed was banned for "harassment and cyberbullying" on YouTube. (Picture: Instagram / IShowSpeed)

IShowSpeed said, “[...] I really don’t think I deserve this strike. There’s (sic) millions of videos, trillions of videos of people [calling people insults]. It was literally just an argument between me and this guy on Omegle."

"You know my random Omegle content. I was calling him names, and he was calling me names, and it was back and forth. It wasn’t like I was bullying him straight on, straightforward, but I guess [YouTube] doesn’t like me or whatever," the YouTuber added.

IShowSpeed streamed himself on Omegle, but instead of the content creator in front of the camera, he put a provocative blow-up doll on the seat, making it seem like it was someone else.

Upon coming across a random fifteen-year-old, the live stream slowly degenerated into a rally of toxic insults, where IShowSpeed repeatedly called the person “fat.” 

For now, IShowSpeed claims YouTube’s decision to ban him is unfair since it was just an online argument between two people and that he wasn’t “bullying him straight on.”

Despite getting his appeal rejected, the content creator is still crossing his fingers for the platform to undo its decision and allow him to produce content again.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram via IShowSpeed and YouTube.