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Keemstar announces "retirement" from YouTube

The host of the DramaAlert channel, Keemstar has just announced his retirement from the platform. The channel boasts nearly 6 million subscribers, and it will be interesting to see how things play out in the coming weeks.
Keemstar announces "retirement" from YouTube
The long-time host of the DramaAlert channel on YouTube, Keemstar, has seen a career marred with both popularity and controversy alike. Many times they went hand in hand, ultimately growing his reputation in the world of online entertainment, but not always to a positive effect.

Keemstar particularly came under fire after Ethan Klein (H3H3 YouTube channel host) made a three-part video series unveiling some of Keemstar's past transgressions. These included doxing people as well as falsely accusing others of serious crimes.

It seems like it all may be catching up to Keemstar, and he's decided to cut his losses. The host of DramaAlert channel is stepping away from the world of video content, here's everything you need to know after Keemstar announced his retirement from YouTube.

H3H3 Productions Keemstar content nuke
Last year Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions dropped a Content Nuke that resulted in Keemstar losing sponsorship. (Picture: Business Insider)

Keemstar retires from YouTube

After the video from H3H3 exposing Keemstar went viral to the tune of 7+ million views, G-Fuel dropped Keemstar from sponsorship. Though this is not even the worst of Keemstar's transgressions.

His interviews with Etika, the former YouTuber who, in 2019, tragically took his own life, shed a terrible light on Keemstar's character. Etika famously suffered from bipolar disorder, and Keemstar took advantage of his manic mental states and used it for content.

Now less than one year after H3H3's video exposing Keemstar, the host of DramaAlert is finally stepping away from the internet. While he does not give a full explanation, we can suspect it is largely in part due to his controversy and the trouble it can make for securing and keeping sponsorship deals.

We'll keep up with all the drama as Keemstar claims there will be a full retirement explanation video coming tomorrow. Make sure to check out our full YouTube page for all coverage on the world's favourite video platform.