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Logan Paul Wants To Brawl Against Andrew Tate In Boxing Match

YouTuber and professional wrestler Logan Paul confirmed in a YouTube vlog he wants to fight former kickboxer Andrew Tate in a boxing match.
Logan Paul Wants To Brawl Against Andrew Tate In Boxing Match

Logan Paul is one of the most massively-known YouTubers exploring his ambitions and using his professional fighting career avenue to amass millions of followers and stacks of money. In his professional combat career, he's fought against Floyd Mayweather once, Olajide Olayinka Williams "KSI" Olatunji twice, and now, Paul would like to brawl against internet-famous influencer Andrew Tate.

On 5th August 2022, YouTuber and vlogger Mike Majlak posted a video featuring his long-time friend, Logan Paul. In the video, Majlak asked whether Paul would fight against kickboxer-turned-influencer Tate if the chance arose, and Paul stated he would, believing he'd presumably win the match. 

Logan Paul Says He'd Beat Andrew Tate In Boxing

Logan Paul has boxed against Floyd Mayweather.
Logan Paul has boxed against Floyd Mayweather. (Picture: Instagram / Logan Paul)

In Majlak's most recent "The Night Shift" YouTube vlog, he documents his everyday life around his friends, discusses trending topics, and follows the extravagant life of him, Paul, and many more high-profile personalities.

Accompanying Paul on a trip to Puerto Rico in his private plane, Majlak asks Paul if he would ever fight against the controversial influencer, Andrew Tate. He stated he would and that there's no doubt he'd win.

Following a discussion about Saudi Arabia's new skyscraper project, Majlak headed into the question about Tate, asking, "How do you feel about this statement: Andrew Tate is the most famous person on the planet." Paul replied, "I think it's good to be hot, you know? We'll see how long it lasts." Majlak added. "Do you want to fight him?" Paul replied, "Yeah." 

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Andrew Tate is a four-time kickboxing World Champion. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Proceeding those questions, Majlak asked Paul one last thing before diving deeper. Majlak asked, "Do you think you could beat Andrew Tate in a boxing match?". Paul responded indirectly, "If I say yes, would you be offended?" although indirectly, Paul believes he can take down Tate. 

The newly-named professional wrestler discussed that if the fight would "sell" with him against Tate, there wouldn't be any second thought if the chance arose.

But whether he'd win against the controversial influencer, that's only something fans can find out if it happens. Only time will tell if that legendary brawl ever comes to be.

Feel free to watch the whole vlog video below.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Logan Paul and Instagram / Andrew Tate.