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Ryan Trahan raises 14 million meals after delivering penny to MrBeast

Ryan Trahan has officially delivered the penny to MrBeast, raising 14 million meals in donations for Feeding America along his journey.
Ryan Trahan raises 14 million meals after delivering penny to MrBeast

Millions of fans around the world have been tuned in every step of the way for Ryan Trahan's journey across America with just $00.01, and he has finally arrived at his destination. The goal was to trek from Los Angeles, California all the way to Greenville, North Carolina to deliver a penny to YouTube superstar MrBeast.

The journey was a massive fundraiser for the Feeding America non-profit organization, and Ryan Trahan's fans turned up in tremendous form for the vlog series. In total, Ryan Trahan raised 14 million meals after delivering the penny to MrBeast. We'll go over the journey as well as the fantastic outcome down below.

Ryan Trahan raises $14 million - Journey across America with $00.01

Ryan Trahan delivers penny MrBeast
Ryan Trahan delivered a penny to MrBeast after crossing America. (Picture: Ryan Trahan / YouTube)

Ryan's journey across America to deliver a penny to MrBeast stemmed from a conversation with the aforementioned YouTube star, in which MrBeast suggested pennies were extinct. Ryan Trahan then set out on a mission to use just one penny to fund his travel across the country which he would vlog the entire way with a series of episodes.

Fans tuning in could donate different sums of money which would trigger different effects on Ryan's journey including credits, shoutouts, and a balance reset for Ryan back to $00.01. Each dollar raised on the journey donated a meal to the Feeding America organization and the results were truly epic. Through the generosity of viewing fans, Ryan Trahan raised 14 million meals for Feeding America for making the journey and delivering the penny to MrBeast.

Ryan Trahan penny challenge across America
Ryan Trahan successfully completed his journey across America starting with just $00.01. (Picture: Ryan Trahan / YouTube)

MrBeast donates $50,000 to Feeding America

In another awesome touch, MrBeast was there to meet Ryan at the finish line in North Carolina, along with Ryan's friends and family. MrBeast also brought four briefcases along, each containing a sum of money ($100,000, $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000).

He offered Ryan the chance to guess and pick a briefcase, and whatever the contents held, MrBeast agreed to donate to Feeding America. Ryan ended up selecting the $50,000 briefcase, earning another some 50 meals for Feeding America. You can view the final scenes in the video below.

It's safe to say this journey and fundraiser was a massive success for both the fans and creators alike. And most of all, in the fight to end hunger.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Ryan Trahan.