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Valkyrae slams "creepy" fans that sexualize her online

100 Thieves co-owner and YouTube streamer Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter revealed that "creepy" fans are sexualizing her content on disgusting internet forums and need to stop!
Valkyrae slams "creepy" fans that sexualize her online

YouTube megastar and 100 Thieves co-owner Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter is widely adored by fans online. This follows from Valkyrae's bubbly personality and ability to create engaging and entertaining content and synergize with other creators online.

Unfortunately, some fans take things way too far. In a recent YouTube Livestream, Valkyrae exposed a problem where "creepy" fans sexualize her content on disgusting internet forums, turning her IRL and workout streams into "something foul."

Valkyrae begs "creepy" fans to stop sexualizing her

During a recent YouTube Livestream on 6th December, Valkyrae was asked when she would do another workout stream. Valkyrae replied that she was hesitant because some "creepy" fans sexualize her content online.

Valkyrae begs fans to stop sexualizing her content online
Valkyrae begs fans to stop sexualizing her content online. (Picture: YouTube / Valkrae)

"I was in a full-blown onesie, and I did a charity stream two years ago, and I threw out my back a little bit [...], but oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it didn't even matter [to the viewers] l that I was in a onesie at all", and they still took it to disgusting forums, Valkyrae said.

The YouTube star explained that"it isn't that bad", but it took her a "really long time" to get over it. "There are some really creepy people [...], and there are these people that made a Reddit specifically to talk disgustingly about my Instagram photos, like my workout photos, Valkyrae added.

Mobile users: related segment starts roughly at the 00:36:50 timestamp.

She went on to say that it's "just a small negative" and maintains that she can still have a positive influence regarding her workouts and encourage other people to do the same.

Valkyrae also mentioned that the subreddit wasn't even the worst of it, saying that she's "seen it all."

"There are worse things than that. But, honestly, I feel like everything in life has pros and cons. That's just a major con about being on the internet, but there are lots of pros to it [...], and the pros make it worth it," the YouTube streamer added.

valkyrae creepy viewers fans sexualize workout streams disgusting subreddit
Valkyrae says that despite this "small negative," the pros of being a positive influence is worth it. (Picture: YouTube / Valkyrae)

While Valkyrae can implore her viewers not to sexualize her content, it likely won't stop the minority of "creepy" viewers from defiling her content in more explicit corners of the web.

For example, a "weirdo" sent Sweet Anita a disgusting video of them defiling a hotdog bun while watching one of her workout streams on Twitch early in November. 

Indeed, these incidents highlight an implicit common problem that female streamers experience online, which arguably warrants more attention and action.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Valkyrae.