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Who is the better gamer? Ludwig challenges Dr Disrespect to $1 million battle

Former Twitch star Ludwig Ahgren has challenged Dr Disrespect to a 1v1 showdown with a high-stakes prize that not even a Two-Time champion can refuse!
YouTube megastar Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm is known to be eccentric about his wins and recently even took credit for the surge in notable streamers, like Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman and Ludwig Ahgren, who departed from Twitch to YouTube Gaming.

While the Two-Time has welcomed the former two to the platform, former Twitch star Ludwig Ahgren has had to endure some of the Doc's prodding comments, including calling Ludwig a "five foot two gaming nerd."

More recently, the Two-Time roasted Ludwig during his YouTube livestream, and it seems as though Ludwig is finally biting back. The Twitch-turned-YouTube streamer hit back by challenging the Doc to a 1v1 duel, boasting high stakes that not even Dr Disrespect can pass over.

Dr Disrespect roasts Ludwig, calls him "luggage"

On 6th December, Dr Disrespect roasted Ludwig while responding to a fan's super chat, which read, "None of these new cats moving to YouTube has anything on the Two-Time." The Doc then said, "That's not very nice, we're talking about Timmy," before realising that the fan was referring to Ludwig.

Dr Disrespect roasts Ludwig after losing the Streamer of the Year award
Dr Disrespect roasts Ludwig after losing the Streamer of the Year award. (Picture: YouTube / Dr Disrespect)

Dr Disrespect then began snickering and proceeded to mock Ludwig's name. "How do you say his name? Lujwig? He thought he was going to win Streamer of the Year. What's his name? Luggage… luggage? I don’t know, Jesus," the Doc said while breaking out laughing.

Ludwig challenges Dr Disrespect to a $1 million showdown

Followingly, as a way of hitting back at the Doc, Ludwig (or "Lujwig", as the Doc put it) responded by challenging Dr Disrespect to a 1v1 to find out who the better is, once and for all. The YouTuber also said he would put "$1 million on the line," although he later revealed he wasn't serious about the amount.

During a YouTube Livestream on 7th December, Ludwig said that it was "a Dr Disrespect $1 million," which means that it's an exaggerated amount like "when the Doc says he has 30 million, but there's really only 30,000 watching."

Given this, it seems like the stakes are probably $1000 and not $1 million. Also, it's not clear what game Ludwig was proposing to challenge the Doc with; however, some fans speculate that they may play Warzone Pacific.

Ludwig challenges Dr Disrespect to find out who the better gamer is
Ludwig challenges Dr Disrespect to find out who the better gamer is. (Picture: YouTube / Ludwig)

The Doc also hasn't responded to Ludwig's Twitter post just yet; however, assuming the Two-Time accepts the challenge (which he presumably will), fellow YouTube streamer ZLaner revealed that he would be eager to do a shoutcast of the matchup with CouRage.

Ludwig may have made his bed if it is a Warzone match. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and first see if Dr Disrespect will accept the challenge and rest assured when he does, we will keep you updated with all the details.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Ludwig & Dr Disrespect.