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Video Games
Video Games

FIFA 18: Top Ten Goals from the FUT Champions Cup

Some absolute blooters here.
Image via EA Sports

The opening offline tournament in the FIFA Global Series – the FUT Champions Cup Barcelona – has concluded with Xbox champion “DhTekkz” defeating Playstation champion “Nicolass99FC” in the Grand Final. The real talking point from the tournament was the arrival of sixteen-year-old, “DhTekkz.” The young Englishman dominated the group stage, winning six out of his seven games and went on to defeat some household names in the professional FIFA scene. Heading into the event as a totally unknown entity, the young talent shone, defeating reigning FIWC Champion, Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing and the self-proclaimed best FIFA player in the world, “Kurt0411.” By taking the victory in Barcelona, the newly crowned champion took home the $22,000 first prize and has booked his place in the Global Playoffs, where he will have the chance to qualify for the inaugural FIFA e-World Cup, taking place later on in the year. After such a dominating performance, it will be interesting to see where the newest UK esports superstar will end up. With several organisations looking to acquire his services, it has been rumoured that Roma are interested adding another player to their FIFA division. Is this the beginning for UK FIFA talent? With this result, how many more young players are waiting for their moment to send shockwaves through the professional FIFA scene? Here are the top ten goals from a thrilling weekend of FIFA action:

1. DhTekKz bangs one in with Messi to go 1-0 up in the final

2. TheStrxngeR with a top-corner belter

3. MoAubameyang converts a perfect free kick

4. Ronaldo wizardry from Unilad Shellzz

5. A beautiful half-volley from Vitality RocKyy

6. nicolas99fc absolutely destroys TheStrxngeR's defence

7. Messi creativity from TheStrxngeR

8. Kurt1 with awe-inspiring close control

9. Latka's delightful dink

10. Unilad Gorilla with an inch-perfect chip