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Best Conan Exiles Sex Mods (NSFW)

Looking for adult-only sex mods in Conan Exiles? — these NSFW options will help you reach your climax! 18+ only.
Best Conan Exiles Sex Mods (NSFW)
Akuba's Salon via Steam

This guide addresses adult themes and scenarios. Reader discretion is advised. 18+ only — obviously.

Looking for the hottest Conan Exiles sex mods? You're in luck! Plunge into a realm where detailed nudity isn't just an option but an art form. This is your golden ticket to the steamiest NSFW mods, boasting top-tier picks of not just full-frontal and rear views but also hyper-realistic nude textures and animations!

Push the boundaries as you strip NPCs bare and customize those curves and assets down to the last titillating detail. These sex mods for Conan Exiles will transform the game into an unapologetically adult playground. So, let's dive into the deep end of desire and see how wild your gaming can get.

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Top 5 Best NSFW Conan Exiles Sex Mods

I've scoured the dirtiest parts of the internet to bring you only the very best Conan Exiles sex mods. That said, some of these adult-only customization options are a bit rusty, so you might have some trouble getting them to work with newer patch updates.

#1. Conan Sexiles

conan exiles sex mods

With the Conan Sexiles mod, you can equip yourself with restricting apparel like shackles, cuffs, and collars, turning every encounter into a dance of dominance and submission. Fancy a bit more control? Use the new items to render other players powerless, letting you lead them around like prized possessions.

The intimate animations in this Conan Exiles porn mod are more than just visual — they're a gateway to unrestrained pleasure, where each keystroke lets you dictate the rhythm of your conquests. And it's not just for show – these tools of desire are yours to craft and wield, adding a tangible element to your newfound power.

While scouring for Conan Exiles sex mods, it's clear that "Conan Sexiles" tops the popularity charts. Its racy content has even spread to numerous adult websites. If you're looking for some eye-opening action, these videos could be worth a peek – just be prepared for an explosive experience!

#2. SlaverMod

conan sexiles mod

SlaverMod stands out as a unique mod for players seeking dominion over their thralls with an erotic twist, offering immersive sex scenes with detailed genitals. In a nutshell, this Conan Exiles NSFW mod incorporates BDSM animations and adult themes, adding a new layer to the gameplay.

This sex mod features innovative items like Derketo's Promise, a rug with BDSM animations, and the Kajira pillow for submissive poses. Like the next mod on our list, SlaverMod also comes with an array of steamy bindings and many other pervy features you'll love!

#3. Primal Instincts

primal instincts sex mod conan exiles

The Primal Instincts NSFW mod in Conan Exiles takes your sensual escapades to a new level, bringing your darkest fantasies to life. Engage in sexually explicit acts with your thralls or fellow players to debaucherous depths and explore raw, primal intimacy. Oh — and yes, you can strip all your clothes off!

After inviting a thrall or gaining consent from another player, you can choose from various sexual positions like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, missionary, spider, and spooning. The best part? With the spectator view mode, you're not just a participant but also an observer, able to switch perspectives and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

#4. Topfreedom

conan sex mods nsfw topfreedom2

Unleash the raw beauty of the female form with Topfreedom, a sensational Conan Exiles adult sex mod that proudly shows the boobies of its female characters. For those craving more voluptuousness, the Hyborian Body and Armor mod is your ticket, offering a more curvaceous figure with bigger tits, butts, and hips — in case it wasn't obvious, I love this mod.

These mods are not just skin-deep. They transform key characters like the Derketo Priest, Thrall workers, and others into embodiments of sensuality. But why stop there? Crank up the heat with the FollowerMod, increasing your Thrall limit to 6. Imagine commanding an entire entourage of enticing, naked Thralls – a fantasy come to life in Conan Exiles!

#5. FemaleNPCMod

female npc mod conan exiles nsfw

Here's a unique twist with a hint of humor in the world of Conan Exiles sex mods. FemaleNPCMod transforms all NPCs, including the formidable world bosses and the menacing mini-bosses, into females. It's like stepping into a fantasy realm where powerful women reign supreme.

If the idea of battling and interacting in an all-female dominion thrills you, this mod is an absolute must-try. Perfect for those looking to add a playful, gender-bending twist to their Conan Exiles adventure!

Note: If you're having trouble getting any of these mods to work, you might need to roll back to an older version of Conan Exiles. I believe many Steam and NexusMods mods stopped working after the Isle of Siptah revamp in Update 2.3.

That's a wrap, baby! Do you like my list of Conan Exiles sex mods? Pfft — let's be real, of course you do! As you might have realized, I'm not afraid to go places where other writers dare not go. Why? Because I don't give a f__k. You want it? I've got it!

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