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FIGHT CARD crowns a SFV champion in episode three

The latest FGC live show from GINX Studios saw an hour of DBFZ action broadcast on ginx.tv and Twitch hosted by Damascus and guest caster Logan.

While previous weeks have seen Tekken and Dragon Ball Fighterz reduced to one scheduled professional due to unexpected technical issues, we had both SFV stars make it into the server this time around.

Team Vitality's Claude Eric "Hurricane" Diboti and AS Monaco Esports' Nathan "Mister Crimson" Massol faced off in a first-to-seven match to kick off the Street Fighter V action.

It was Hurricane that emerged victorious in the end in a convincing 7-3 fashion and this meant a fan had the chance to see if they could be a worthy opponent for the champion.

Community member @PushTheKempo was selected from the ginx.tv chat to play and while victory escaped them, they were given many post-game tips for future Cammy matchups.

Another ThrustMaster eSwap Pro Controller was given away this week. @Apo_Steve was the lucky winner selected from the ginx.tv chat and will be receiving the exclusive giveaway prize.

Next Thursday will see a new episode and a new fighting game title, SoulCalibur VI, broadcast live at 8pm UK time, with a repeat of this SFV episode before that at 6pm on both ginx.tv and Twitch.

For your chance to face a pro or win the Thrustmaster controller, you will need to be in the ginx.tv chat, signed up with a free account and be active in the chat.

Phoebe Dua

Phoebe Dua

Written by GINX redaction

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