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FIFA eClub World Cup Paris: Preview and Updates

On 19-20th May 2018, 32 professional FIFA players from across the world will descend upon Paris to take part in the FIFA eClub World Cup, with the hopes of qualifying for the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs and, ultimately, the FIFA eWorld Cup. The event features a $50,000 prize pool and will be presented by Laura Woods and Hashtag United's Spencer Owen, with commentary from Joe Miller, Leigh Smith, Richard Buckley and Brandon Smith.

The teams

The tournament features an eclectic mix of teams from social media, esports and traditional sports backgrounds. Popular social starlets UNILAD and Hashtag United have been drawn into the same group, with World Champions Gorilla hoping he and teammate SHELLZ can get the upper-hand against Hashtag's Academy players Ryan and Boras. On the other side of the scale, Team EnVy's Aero and Eisvogel will attempt to uphold EnVy's strong stature in esports, as they come up against Lightning Pandas' Niller and Dragon, who has previously represented West Ham United. As well as these, teams such as FC Basel, PSG and FC Schalke will be fielding players at the event, with all eyes on those players to help bridge the gap between FIFA and football.

The format

The tournament takes place across both Xbox One and Playstation 4, with players playing two games against each other, the "away" leg on their less-preferred console. The group stage uses a Swiss format, with the first person to reach four wins automatically qualifying, and the top four from each group moving on to the single-elimination knockout bracket. If you aren’t able to keep up with each and every match, you can keep up with all the results and standings right here on GINX TV. Follow us on Twitter here and follow us on Facebook here. [table id=9 /]