Twitter reacts to FIFA eClub World Cup on Sky

Twitter reacts to FIFA eClub World Cup on Sky

Whenever esports hits mainstream media, there is an army of traditional sportsmen ready to pounce and admonish outlets for ever allowing such horrible entertainment appear in our papers or on our television screens. We’ve rounded up some of the best Twitter responses to the FIFA eClub World Cup Paris coverage on Sky right here, for your entertainment.

Paddy Power kick off proceedings

Always reliable: Cancellation threats

Chris can’t wrap his head around this rubbish

Grundy is embarrassed for everyone

This Bus was ready for Battle

Think of the children

When in doubt, “virgins” works

It wasn’t all bad, though

Call of Duty pro Moose watches whilst engaging in *gasps* physical activity

Some even enjoyed their first esports experience Whether they like it or not, it seems esports is here to stay. Though many people are upset at having their precious time wasted, it's good to see some people becoming interested in esports through Sky's coverage. If you need more esports from your Sky subscription, Ginx TV will be covering the ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 major this weekend on Sky Channel 433.