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Fire Emblem Engage Birthdays List And How They Work

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about how birthdays work in Fire Emblem Engage.
Fire Emblem Engage Birthdays List And How They Work

Birthdays are a common mechanic used in games to keep track of your special day, and in most cases reward you with some special loot once it arrives. Fire Emblem Engage also features this mechanic, and if you're curious to know more about how it works, then keep reading. 

In this article, we'll explain how birthdays work in Fire Emblem Engage, as well as what's in store for you once your birthday arrives in the game. We'll also give you some details on your companion's birthdays and how they work in the game as well. 

How Do Birthdays Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

When you first boot up the game, there are a few things you'll need to set up first, one of these settings, aside from choosing your difficulty and other gameplay options, will be the date of your birthday. Some players recommend choosing a date that is a week from when you start playing the game to get some of the bonuses as soon as possible. 

Fire Emblem Engage Birthdays Rewards on your and other characters birthdays
Players will receive unique gifts from all their companions on the day they listed as their birthday. (Picture: Nintendo)

Or if you want to make it a surprise that you may forget and rediscover later, then choose your birth date, either way, keep track of this date. 

Once the day arrives, you can head into Somniel and meet with your companions, who will all wish you your special day but also gift them with some pretty useful items. For instance, Clanne offers a Large Plate as an illustration. Strangely, you can regift anything you receive to strengthen your bond with your favorite characters.

The companions you have in the game also have birthdays that you can celebrate with them. You can give them gifts to improve your affinity level with them as well as give you a boost in your relationship if you have romanced one of them. 

Fire Emblem Engage Birthdays Characters birthdays
Aside from your birthday, other characters in the game also have birthdays, and if you give them gifts you can grow your relationship with them. (Picture: Nintendo)

Fire Emblem Engage Birthdays List

Below you can find the full list of all the characters in the games' birthdays: 

  • Alcryst - October 15
  • Alfred - August 8
  • Amber - February 3
  • Boucheron - May 11
  • Bunet - May 30
  • Celine - December 18
  • Chloe - April 27
  • Clanne - March 10
  • Diamant - April 6
  • Etie - October 1
  • Framme - March 10
  • Fogado - February 14
  • Goldmary - July 18
  • Hortensia - June 3
  • Ivy - November 17
  • Jade - December 7
  • Kagetsu - December 22
  • Lapis - May 25
  • Louis - November 4
  • Merrin - September 24
  • Pandreo - January 6
  • Panette - October 23
  • Rosado - January 19
  • Seadall - April 21
  • Timmera - August 29
  • Vander - November 26
  • Zelkov - August 2

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