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Fire Emblem Engage: Can Units Die In Training & Skirmishes?

If you're curious whether units can die in Training or Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage, we have the answers you need!
Fire Emblem Engage: Can Units Die In Training & Skirmishes?

Skirmishes and Training missions are great ways to grind XP in Fire Emblem Engage. They provide difficulty synced to your current level and help alleviate the stress of trying to power through later missions with under-leveled units. However, if most of your army is relatively high level, and you are attempting to use Skirmishes or Training missions to power up your lower-level units, you may be wondering, "can units die in Training/Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage?"

Can Units Die In Training / Skirmishes In Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, units can die in Skirmishes but not in Training. Whether or not a unit can die is fairly easy to understand and will depend on the type of enemy you are facing. For example, no matter what kind of mission you are doing, whether it be Skirmish, main story, or Paralogue, if a unit sufferers fatal damage at the hands of a Corrupted enemy, they will be dead.

Fire Emblem Engage
Permadeath is present on Hard and Maddening difficulties. (Picture: Nintendo)

You can confirm this by listening out for the accompanying line of dialogue, which will often reference their death in some way. Or, in the case of important plot characters, they will mention the fact that they won't be deploying to the front lines anymore. 

Conversely, if players are participating in a Training mission against units of a nation they are already comfortable with, units will not die in battle and will instead retreat. The accompanying dialogue can also determine this, which will reference retreating due to injury instead of dying. These units can then be used again in the following battle with no issue.

It should also be noted that the above explanation is true regardless of the difficulty you play on. Meaning if you are playing on Normal, Hard, Maddening, Casual, or Classic, units will not die in Training, allowing you to throw your Level 1 Anna at the enemy for hours on end!

Fire Emblem Engage
Units cannot die in Training missions. (Picture: Nintendo)

This being said, players will still want to try and keep as many units alive as possible, even during Training missions. After successfully completing a Training mission, all units will receive additional XP on top of any XP they earned from battle. However, the amount of post-mission XP is significantly reduced if a unit falls on the battlefield. And that answers the question, "can units die in Training or Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage."

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