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What Difficulty To Pick In Fire Emblem Engage: Difficulty Levels Explained

Here is everything you need to know about the different difficulty levels in Fire Emblem Engage.
What Difficulty To Pick In Fire Emblem Engage: Difficulty Levels Explained

Fire Emblem games have always been great at taxing a player's strategic mind. Even on the lowest difficulty level, those trying to beat the game without losing a single unit will likely find themselves resetting a mission or two during their adventure. Things have become a little easier thanks to the rewind mechanic present in games like Fire Emblem: Echoes and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which means players won't have to restart their console quite as often. 

So, after booting up Fire Emblem Engage and seeing the several difficulty options, you may be wondering what difficulty to pick in Fire Emblem Engage. This article will cover all the differences between the difficulty options in Fire Emblem Engage so you can feel comfortable starting the game at the right level. 

What Difficulty To Pick In Fire Emblem Engage? 

Fire Emblem Engage
Fire Emblem Engage has three available difficulty options. (Picture: Nintendo)

Fire Emblem Engage has three difficulty options; Normal, Hard, and Maddening. Normal Difficulty is stated to be best for new players to the franchise. Hard difficulty is good for experienced players. While Maddening difficulty is perfect for those seeking a challenge. This explanation doesn't really let players know what's in store for each option, so we'll break down all the differences here. 

Hard Difficulty Differences:

  • Increased number of enemies per battle. 
  • Increased enemy stats. 
  • Limited to 10 rewinds per battle.

The classic difficulty differences are present in the jump from Normal to Hard mode. Enemies are stronger, and there are more of them. However, where you can rewind past mistakes as much as you like in Normal mode, you can only do so 10 times in Hard mode before you'll have to restart the mission entirely to save a fallen unit. 

Maddening Difficulty Differences:

  • Some tutorials are skipped.
  • You can't save progress during a battle.
  • Increased number of enemies compared to Hard mode. 
  • Increased enemy stats compared to Hard mode.
  • Some enemies get powerful skills. 

After choosing your difficulty level, you will be prompted to choose the mode you want to play on. In previous Fire Emblem games, this was never a selectable option. Permadeath has been a staple of Fire Emblem games since the beginning, and there has only recently been the added option to turn this feature off. Selecting Classic Mode continues this tradition, and if an ally falls, they are gone forever. Casual mode removes some of the stress and allows fallen units to return at the start of the next battle.

Fire Emblem Engage
Enemy numbers and stats will increase at harder difficulty levels. (Picture: Nintendo)

If you want to change the difficulty you are currently playing on, simply go to your bed in the Somniel. Interacting with your bed will prompt you to change your current difficulty level. Be warned that you can only decrease the difficulty level, not increase it. Meaning if you decrease your difficulty level from Hard to Normal, for example, you will not be able to return to Hard mode. 

And that's everything you need to know about difficulty levels in Fire Emblem Engage!

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