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Is Rosado A Boy Or Girl In Fire Emblem Engage?

A new character in Fire Emblem Engage, Rosado, is catching waves online as players discuss their gender.
Is Rosado A Boy Or Girl In Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage is a game that has a lot of depth in it. The battle systems are currently pulling in fans and are challenging veteran players of the series. People are saying that the battle system is a return to form for the Fire Emblem series, and the game is gaining popularity online as well.

One of the key points of Fire Emblem Engage is the interesting characters that you, as the player, interact with. One of them is known as Rosado. A single look might have you guess that they are a girl, but are they actually? Here, we will tell you whether or not Rosado is a boy or a girl in Fire Emblem Engage.

What Gender Is Rosado In Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage Rosado
Rosado is one of the many characters you will meet in Fire Emblem Engage. (Picture: Nintendo)

The Fire Emblem series, as of late, has had more and more characters that broaden the spectrum of representation for people around the world. There are more races being included in the series, more sexualities being included, and more. So that is why players are very interested in knowing what the story behind Rosado is.

Although they appear female, Rosado is actually a boy. In fact, Rosado also goes by he/him pronouns throughout the game as well. The male characters in the game treat him as a boy, and the female characters do as well. Rosado simply has a different outlook on life compared to other people in the game. And to clarify, there is no indication at all that Rosado is part of the trans community as well.

Why Does Rosado Wear A Dress?

Fire Emblem Engage Rosado
Despite being a boy, Rosado shares many character animations that you would see in female characters. (Picture: Nintendo)

Just a warning that we are entering spoiler territory as we further discuss Rosado, but we are going to keep it as vague as possible.

Rosado comes from a small village by a lake in Fire Emblem Engage. That village is pretty cut off from the rest of the world, and they have their own customs. They believe in things like beauty beyond gender and wear what they want to wear. So what Rosado currently wears is considered normal in his village.

Rosado does not think of himself as feminine, just as cute. Rosado admires cute things and aspires to make everything around him cute. He even dresses up his battle wyvern with bows. Rosado was shocked that he was so different compared to everyone else in the world when he left his village, but he chose to embrace that instead of hiding it. He loves being different because he loves being cute.

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