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Want to host your own show on GINX TV? We’re hiring presenters, players, content creators and more

GINX TV is looking to hire new talent across the world for upcoming TV and online productions, so here’s how you can apply.
Ever fancied yourself as the host of your own show? Reckon your passion for esports and gaming deserves the spotlight? GINX TV is looking to hire new talent for upcoming productions. 

GINX TV is based in London, comprised of GINX Esports TV, the largest TV channel dedicated to esports; GINX Studios, a creative production company specialised in gaming; and ginx.tv, our online platform for the latest news around esports and gaming. 

We’re searching for talent to work on new shows (soon to be announced) and upcoming seasons of GINX’s biggest productions - to be broadcast on TV and online. 

So what kind of people are we looking for? Here’s a rundown. 

  • Event and show hosts
  • Players
  • Journalist specialised in esports and/or gaming
  • Content creators

While we’re actively casting for certain upcoming shows, we’re also open to creating even more productions around strong, charismatic personalities. 

You could be the next star of GINX TV


How to apply

You can apply by sending a CV, tapes, showreels, and cover letter to recruitment@ginx.tv. Make sure you send your application with the subject line ‘CASTING H211028’.

In your application, make sure the below information is covered. 

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Contact details
  • Recent colour photo of yourself
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Games/esports you love!

Applicants can be from the UK, Latin America, North America and Europe. 

So what are you waiting for? Get applying!

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