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Guide > Sandbox > GTA

GTA Online Action Figures: All locations and rewards

Having troubles finding all Action Figures in GTA Online? Check out this GTA Online Action Figures map with all locations!

There are many things in GTA Online that can occupy your attention, but nothing as much as various collectables.

Some of the collectable collections in GTA Online can take ages to locate and find, but it is well worth the time, as it is satisfying to have them all and there are also hefty rewards as well!

Amongst those collectables, Action Figures are particularly interesting.

Added with The Diamond Casino & Resort update, these figures are a part of the quest given by the owner of Hardcore Comic Store.

Apparently, someone has stolen his whole collection of mint-condition action figures, and he is now desperate, so you are his only hope. Help him to get his collection back, and you will be well rewarded!

GTA Online Action Figures: All Rewards

GTA Online all Action Figures all locations map
(Picture: Rockstar)

The owner of the comic store really loves his collection, so he is ready to give you huge rewards for returning Action Figures to him.

  • Each action figure gives you $1,000 and 1,000 RP upon collecting it.

Once you collect them all and return them to the store, you will earn additional rewards:

  • Impotent Rage outfit
  • New Haircut
  • Additional GTA$ 500,000

Where to find GTA Online Action Figures: All locations 

Unfortunately, there are 100 Action Figures spread across the map, so this is a really hard task to complete.

They don't look all the same, and they will appear as Republican Space Rangers, Impotent Rage, Princess Robot Bubblegum, Aliens, Monkeys, etc.

If you are having troubles finding all these Action Figures, check out this GTA Online Action Figures map with all locations:

GTA Online all Action Figures all locations map
(Picture: Rockstar/ GTA Fandom)

Additionally, make sure to check the detailed explanation of all of the locations on the Action Figures GTA Fandom page.

Once you collect all of them, the last two will appear near you: the Beast and Bigfoot. Bring them all back to the owner and collect your rewards!

And that's all you need to know! Have fun collecting all the Action Figures!