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Minecraft Legends Guides Hub

Our hub for Minecraft Legends guides features everything you need to know about the action-strategy title, from the story, lore, gameplay, buildings, and more.
Minecraft Legends Guides Hub

Are you looking for some Minecraft Legends guides and tutorials to get you off on the right foot in the Overworld? Then we've got you covered with our Minecraft Legends guide hub, listing all the articles we've created on the game, from story and lore tidbits to our review, and a tonne of guides for every aspect of the game.

From Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios, developed for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy title set in the lush, blocky Overworld in the midst of a Piglin invasion. 

If you want to push back the Piglins and stop their Nether from spreading across the Overworld, you might need some Minecraft Legends guides, from basic building/resource gathering to understanding the world, finding those unique mounts, and much more, so let's dig in.

Minecraft Legends Guides List

Minecraft Legends guides story gameplay resources building how to
Minecraft Legends is best played with friends, and maybe with a bit of knowledge from our guides in hand...(Picture: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Legends has both a story campaign (which you can play co-op with friends) and PvP multiplayer. To this end, we've divided our guides into different sections, from the story/lore details and our review to structures and resources.

With these Minecraft Legends guides, you should be well on your way to stopping the Piglin army in its tracks. Check out the list below, and please note that this list will be consistently updated to provide you with more details, gameplay elements, tips, guides, and more.

The Story, World & Review Articles:

How To Guides:

Resources Farm:

Misc Guides:

Building Guides:

Check out the official Minecraft Legends gameplay trailer below to get in the mood for vanquishing some Piglins starting 18 April 2023.

As we continue to create more content surrounding Minecraft Legends, we will update this guides hub, so if you are overwhelmed by the hordes of Piglins, then check back soon!