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Palia Kilima Caches Accomplishment: Where To Find All 12 Treasure Chests

Explore the outdoors of Kilima Village and learn the 12 Treasures Chest locations for the Kilima Caches Accomplishment in this guide for Palia.
Palia Kilima Caches Accomplishment: Where To Find All 12 Treasure Chests
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Kilima Caches is one of many miscellaneous Accomplishments, the game's Achievement system, that players can begin progressing with. This Accomplishment is an exploration achievement in which they are to locate and loot 12 Treasure Chests found throughout Kilima Village.

Completing this in-game achievement will reward players with a new Furnishing item as these chests are discovered through open-world exploration. So, if players are looking to achieve this exploration feat, here are the locations to find 12 Treasure Chests for the Kilima Caches Accomplishment in Palia.

How To Find The 12 Treasure Chests For Kilima Caches Accomplishment In Palia?

There are 20 Treasure Chests in Kilima Village, but only 12 will complete this Accomplishment and collect its rewards. Additionally, players are to have a glider as a requirement as some areas are inaccessible without it, for which completing the quest, Like A Bird, will award them their first glider.

palia treasure chests guide kilima caches accomplishment how where to find map locations
Nine of the 12 locations in Kilima Village where players can find Treasure Chests for the Kilima Caches Accomplishment. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Lastly, we recommend upgrading their backpack inventory to at least the Large Backpack, which gives players 32 slots in total and can be done at Zeki's General Store for 5,000 Gold. If players have the Gold to spend, the Deluxe upgrade is another option costing 25,000 Gold.

We won't be adding the chest locations that are locked behind quests for new players who've joined the game on Nintendo Switch, and as such, these chests are found in open-world locations. We've detailed the 12 locations where players can discover Treasure Chests in Kilima Village:

  • Treasure Chest Location #1: The first chest location is found in Phoenix Falls by locating the waterfall near the wooden swing bridge and looking behind it to find the chest.
    • Rewards: Five Gold and three pieces of leather
  • Treasure Chest Location #2: Remain in Phoenix Falls, but locate the ruins at the lake near the bottom of this area with a chest resting on a platform in the waters, which may require a glider to reach it.
    • Rewards: 56 Gold, three Mountain Morels, and Spice Sprouts
  • Treasure Chest Location #3: From Phoenix Falls, head southwest through the town square, find the wooden walkbridge nest to the inn, and drop down in the river to find this chest.
    • Rewards: Ten Gold, four Copper Ores, and 20 Repair Kits
  • Treasure Chest Location #4: Cross the walkbridge after finding the third chest, head towards the Daiya Family farm in Leafhopper Hills, and locate the Ormuu Pen. Find an open shed where the next chest can be found to loot.
  • Treasure Chest Location #5: After collecting the chest in Leafhopper Hills, continue heading west to Gillyfin Cove and look for a destroyed bridge. Using a glider, jump before deploying the glider and climb up the vines to access this bridge and add another chest to the inventory.
    • Rewards: 49 Gold, two bundles of Wheat, and one bottle of Cooking Oil
  • Treasure Chest Location #6: Make their way along the coast of Gillyfin Cove, going south until they find a campfire below a cliff that overlooks the docks and boathouse. Another chest can be found here for players to collect for rewards.
    • Rewards: 11 Gold, two slabs of Chaapa Meat, and one Sernuk Hide
  • Treasure Chest Location #7: Head towards the docks from the previous location, and at the boathouse, look for a chest hanging from a fishing hook.
    • Rewards: 25 Gold and five Worms
  • Treasure Chest Location #8: Continue going down the coast of Gillyfin Cove to reach Remembrance Beach, where players can look into the waters to find the chest resting on a large rock. This chest can be obtained by jumping and gliding onto wooden planks floating in the water to reach this rock and the chest found, but it will require a few tries to get it.
    • Rewards: 27 Gold, four Copper Ores, and two Copper Bars
  • Treasure Chest Location #9: Next, head to the Mayor's Estate from the previous location by crossing the bridge, wrapping around the estate to its entrance, and accessing the back garden. Look for the gazebo at the end of the garden, where a chest awaits players.
  • Treasure Chest Location #10: They can go to Fisherman's Lagoon from the Mayor's Estate and find the northeastern pier. Look underneath the pier where the next chest can be seen and looted.
    • Rewards: Ten Gold, four bags of Flour, and two bottles of Cooking Oil
  • Treasure Chest Location #11: From the pier at Fisherman's Lagoon, head southeast towards the bridge in the area towards the Fairgrounds where Maji Market was held. Drop down into the river below this bridge, where another chest can be found and ready to loot.
    • Rewards: 50 Gold, two Emerald Carpet Moss, and one Copper Bar
  • Treasure Chest Location #12: Remain in this area by crossing the bridge and heading slightly east along the cliffs. Locate a gazebo atop a cliff where the twelfth chest can be looted and complete the Kilima Caches Accomplishment.
    • Rewards: 31 Gold and 18 Sapwood Planks

Once 12 Treasure Chests have been located and the chest rewards looted, this completes the Kilima Caches Accomplishment, for which they'll be rewarded with 30 Renown and the Kilima Village Map Furnishing item. The Plundering the Bay is a similar Accomplishment but for Bahari Bay, which players can complete, and the Treasure Chests can be gifted to Tish or used to decorate their home.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.