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Palia Signet Ring Quest And Walkthrough

Dig a little deeper, and they may find a trinket or three in a Rummage Pile, including a ring that starts the Signet Ring Discovery quest in Palia.
Palia Signet Ring Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia's Rummage Piles have seen some unique changes following their introduction in-game in the v0.172 update. This included their appearance in Bahari Bay and adding more unique items to acquire, like furniture sets, resources, equipment, and quests, the latter of which is true for the Signet Ring quest.

This quest only starts once its Quest Item can be obtained by searching the Rummage Pile as they explore its origins when speaking to a specific Villager. This guide details everything about the Signet Ring quest, including its objectives and a walkthrough provided below for Palia.

Palia Signet Ring Quest Objectives List

Rummage Piles are a unique addition to Palia, in which Palians can obtain a variety of items by searching through them. These overworld bundles are found in Kilima Village and Bahari Bay in a randomized location once daily in real-world time, and the Signet Ring is one of many quests to find in these piles.

This quest requires a specific item to find before the quest is triggered, and they'll need to follow the objectives to learn the history of this item from Zeki to complete the quest. Before explaining how to complete this Found Item quest, we've listed the objectives to follow to help them during the quest in Palia: 

  • Bring Zeki the ring

How To Complete The Signet Ring Quest In Palia?

Palia's v0.180 patch update added a few new quests and activities for Palians to complete, and the Rummage Piles have been updated so that they don't get unappealing items from it. Some time ago, they could acquire Cyl the Green Cylinder Plushie as a tribute to the odd green cylinders that appeared in Baharu Bay and Discovery and Found Item quests from these piles.

One of the quests they may get is the Signet Ring quest, which is triggered after finding the aforementioned Signet Ring in a Rummage Pile in Bahari Bay. The quest item can be located within their Quest Pouch when accessing their Inventory, which they can proceed to return to Kilima Village for the next objective.

Palians are to visit Zeki at his General Store, Ormuu's Horn Inn, or the Underground Black Market and speak to him regarding the ring discovered inside a Rummage Pile. Astonished at the discovery, the Signet Ring originally belonged to an important Grimalkin figure who foiled the Palian Council, thus ensuring that Grimalkins could continue practicing magic-related activities and crafts.

According to Zeki, Zurian, whom the ring belonged to, had left a vault behind containing their most prized possessions for which others are to seek it out, but only the smartest could find it. Zeki and an apprentice of his discovered Zurian's vault, but unfortunately, they lost it at sea due to a "double cross."

It remains to be seen whether more items from Zurian's vault appear in Bahari Bay, as alluded to by Zeki, and if his apprentice arrives in Kilima Village to expand this story further. Nevertheless, as a token of thanks for recovering the item, they'll receive ten Renown and one Lucky Coin upon the quest's completion.