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Smash players brawl at CEO 2019

Smash players brawl at CEO 2019

As one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world alongside EVO, CEO is often held to pretty high standards to those within the FGC and esports as a whole. This year's tournament, however, seems to have let itself down on multiple counts, and this has been accentuated by a fight that broke out between two Super Smash Bros. players, according to several event-goers.

A tweet from Canadian Smash Ultimate player SuperGirlKels gained traction as she first reported on the fight.

The two players in question, Osiris192 and RiotLettuce, each posted a TwitLonger explaining what happened after the bathroom brawl, with RiotLettuce taking a much more calm and straightforward approach.

He explained that Osiris was drunk and causing issues in the bathroom, and a friend had text him asking for help. He was confronted with a drunk Osiris who was pushing for a fight, before the two were eventually broken up by a tournament organiser. Osiris then allegedly took RiotLettuce's Gamecube controller and threw it on the ground.

Osiris mainly argued RiotLettuce's points rather than giving a different version of events but made the following statement:

“I am not saying any of this to absolve myself of responsibility here. I own up to my part and wrong-doings in all of this including throwing a punch/getting physical, the controller, the use of slurs, and so on, but really to stop this narrative being established that Riot didn’t instigate at all and I just punched him with no provocation, because that is completely untrue.”

He also showed no shame when admitting to using racial slurs.

Many fans said that security at the event was awful, and multiple issues were reported due to the location, with reports of racism and general ignorance from Daytona locals, an issue that has been brought up at past events too.

After the Madden event shooting last year, you would expect esports tournament organisers to bolster their security massively – unfortunately, this seems not to be the case.