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Adin Ross' mod OGRoyce banned on Twitch following QTCinderella harassment

Following harassment against QTCinderella from OGRoyce on Adin Ross' recent Twitch stream, the moderator has been banned.
There has been a lot of drama breaking out between a rising star on Twitch, Adin Ross, and Ludwig as well as OTK members. On 5th June 2021, QTCinderella was also apparently forced into all this drama. She is, of course, Ludwig's partner, and is no stranger to some controversy and speaking her mind. Now, it appears that Adin Ross' friend and mod on his Twitch channel, OGRoyce, has received the banhammer from the streaming platform following alleged chat harassment against QTCinderella.

OGRoyce banned on Twitch

In the early hours of the morning on 7th June 2021, Twitch slapped OGRoyce, a mod for Adin Ross, with their mighty banhammer.

Adin Ross mod banned OG Royce Twitch QTCinderella Ludwig(Picture: StreamerBans via Twitter)

During the recent Adin Ross Twitch stream, a mod on the channel called OGRoyce spammed harassment comments against QTCinderella, which is the alleged reason for his ban.

Adin Ross mod banned OG Royce Twitch QTCinderella Ludwig(Picture: Adin Ross Twitch)

At the time of writing, there's no telling how long this ban will last. This move by OGRoyce was clearly harassment against another streamer, something which is forbidden by the streaming platform.

Since the ban, OGRoyce has also set his Twitter account to private. Keep in mind that this is his first ban, and Twitch did not provide an exact reason or length relating to the ban.

Both Will Neff and QTCinderella got their Instagrams banned recently as well, due to mass spam reporting, allegedly by Adin Ross fans.

Now that Twitch has swung its mighty banhammer at OGRoyce, we can't help but wonder if this drama will come to an end, or mutate into another form.

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