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Twitch Streamer Shocks Viewers, Masturbates Naked During Livestream

Twitch streamer "aielieen1" shocked viewers after masturbating naked in front of 5,000 viewers during her Livestream.
Twitch Streamer Shocks Viewers, Masturbates Naked During Livestream

Disclaimer: This article deals with mature content of a sexual nature that might not be appropriate for young audiences. Discretion is advised.

Twitch streamer "aielieen1" shocked the community during a Livestream on 3 November 2022 after masturbating naked and showing the deed supposedly in front of 5,000 viewers. No, this isn't some twisted joke -- a Twitch streamer on a relatively newly-created account purposely pleasured themselves, using particular tools, in front of a live audience on Twitch.

After gaining some traction on the platform because of the sexually explicit content, Twitch immediately banned aielieen1, removing the broadcast and any clipped videos for the obvious violation of its Community Guidelines. However, what is still uncertain is if the ban is permanent or for a couple of days, weeks, or months.

That said, aielieen1 probably wouldn't be devastated or slightly distressed over the Twitch ban, knowing their time on the platform was rather short. From a quick scan of aielieen1's Twitch account, the streamer reportedly created the channel on 3 November 2022, according to TwitchTracker

This information meant the streamer made an account, immediately streamed provocative and sexually explicit content to the entire community, and presumably didn't think before doing so. It supposedly only took a matter of a couple of minutes for aielieen1's broadcast to generate hundreds and then thousands of viewers because of the indecent act. 

twitch streamer aielieen immediately banned broadcasting sexually explicit acts
Twitch streamer aielieen1 was immediately banned after broadcasting sexually explicit acts on the platform.
A few months ago, Twitch experienced a similar situation where a streamer named "kimmikka" engaged in sexual intercourse during a Livestream. The incident sparked immense backlash after they were dished a "slap on the wrist" suspension of only seven days. Now, a Twitch streamer pleasured themselves naked in front of thousands of viewers, some of whom could've been minor children.

With Twitch being an entertainment haven for members of all ages, the lax limitations of streaming on the platform put individuals, especially younger ones, at risk of encountering vulgar and sexually explicit content. Although it doesn't always happen, the fact that it does is enough to worry some individuals over a platform that's supposedly a safe place to relish and enjoy family-friendly, if not appropriate, content. 

So far, Twitch hasn't commented or released a public statement regarding aielieen1's ban, nor has the streamer addressed the issue. We will update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch via aielieen1