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Alinity responds to her haters, nip-slip wasn't planned

Popular Twitch stream Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon explains she didn't orchestrate the recent controveries
Alinity responds to her haters, nip-slip wasn't planned

The extremely popular Twitch.tv streamer, Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon, is back on Twitch after a suspension which only lasted a few days. Her recent suspension was due to a nip-slip incident on a live stream, in case you've been living under a rock.

She gave herself a 3-day suspension before Twitch finally stepped in to suspend her channel for a few days. On 28th April, she came back, and in a just chatting stream, she slammed her haters for suggesting the incident was orchestrated.

Alinity responds to all the haters

As soon as Alinity got back to streaming on Twitch, she was bombarded with questions, with many suggesting she orchestrated the nip-slip incident. Others claimed she liked the drama, with many Twitch viewers calling for her removal.

In her response, she reminded her "haters", as Alinity calls them, that she doesn't like controversies. 


Alinity responds to the nip-slip incident and "haters":

"You know, I can’t go back and undo that sh#t? Yes, I can feel bad about it, and cry about it… I can apologize about it, and I have been apologizing about [it all] for a long time.

The only choice I have is to laugh about it all, that’s how I cope. So yes, I’m going to laugh about it. If you guys want to think it’s because I’m putting it in your faces, or feel proud [of everything that’s happened], that’s not the case.

It’s just how I cope with life… it really, really isn’t the case. I like to make fun of things. I like to see the good in everything. Even all the bad sh#t that happens. The kind of life I’ve gone through, it’s taught me to be like that, no matter what."

According to Alinity, her nip-slip wasn't planned. However, there are still many who doubt her response towards the drama.

Alinity further said she doesn't really get mad at people who talk nonsense about her, but there is one exception to the rule, namely the YouTuber KEEMSTAR.

“I don’t get mad at people when they sh*t-talk me cause that’s just my opinion, that’s fine by me. The only person I really, really, really, really, really hate in the world is KEEMSTAR.”

Twitch drama is nothing new, and this isn't the first time Alinity has caused controversy. Last year, she was playing Apex Legends, and during the stream, picked up her cat Milo and threw it over her shoulder before continuing with her match.