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Asmongold calls for OTK cheater ban, Kaceytron copyright strikes Schooled clip

Kaceytron has been copyright striking clips of her saying she didn't cheat during Mizkif's Schooled show.
Following Twitch streamer Kaceytron's cheating confession after winning Mizkif's Schooled quiz show, One-True-King's founding member Asmongold wants to ban all content creators that break the rules from OTK events and further collaborations permanently.

Asmongold's comments come after Kaceytron started issuing copyright strikes to clips of her claiming she didn't cheat while participating in Schooled, according to fellow Twitch streamer Destiny.

"Kaceytron is copyright striking Streamable clips, she's so f*cking mad," Destiny said.

Asmongold wants to ban OTK cheaters

During his 13th May stream, Asmongold came up with a quick solution moving forward -- blacklist all the content creators that cheat in any OTK events.

"'How do we stop the cheating?' Simple, we never invite people who cheated on the show back ever again, and we never do content with them again. That's what I'm gonna vote."

asmongold otk ban
(Picture: Asmongold)

Mizkif, a fellow OTK founding member and host of Schooled, has expressed his frustration with the situation, complaining about how streamers that cheat have been essentially "stealing" his money.

There's been no word regarding the remaining OTK members about a potential blacklist of cheating content creators, but fans are eagerly awaiting the verdict after Asmongold's comments on stream.