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Cryaotic gets banned from Twitch and loses partnership following serious allegations

YouTube star Cryaotic has lost his Twitch partnership and has been banned from the platform following serious allegations of grooming.
Ryan "Cryaotic" Terry has over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, and he had nearly 800,000 followers on Twitch. Following allegations of grooming back in June, where Cryaotic was accused of allegedly trying to get into sexual relationships with underage girls.


Cryaotic banned from Twitch

On 10th September 20, Twitch handed out a ban to Cryaotic.

This is according to StreamerBans, which also noted how Cryaotic is no longer a Twitch partner.


Twitch doesn't give details on why a streamer was banned but there is good reason to believe this is due to the allegations which came to light in June 2020.

For more detail on the allegations, you can check out the tweet below.



In his last video to date on YouTube, Ryan "Cryaotic" Terry explained how there was never a physical relationship.

His statement reads: "No, I was never with anyone underaged on a physical level. It was all online, but this does not diminish the act - I just know this matters to those who are concerned."

At the time of writing, Cryaotic seems to have disappeared from the internet. His social media, and his YouTube channel is completely silent. 

Cryaotic is likely permanently banned from Twitch due to the seriousness of the allegations.

Watch his last video on YouTube, where he talks about the allegations and the situation below.