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Destiny 2 streamer slammed for pushing his dog into a mini fridge

Destiny 2 streamer GsxrClyde recently came under fire after a clip showing how he shoved his dog into a mini-fridge sparked outrage by users on Twitter.
Destiny 2 streamer slammed for pushing his dog into a mini fridge

Twitch streamer GsxrClyde recently came under fire after a video clip surfaced on Twitter showing how he shoved his dog into a mini-fridge.

The Destiny 2 streamer's shoving of the dog initially went unnoticed; however, the clip sparked a significant backlash from the online community after the clip was featured in a highlights reel on YouTube.

Destiny 2 streamer under fire for shoving dog

In the video clip uploaded on 4th January, GsxrClyde could be seen showing his dog's harness to his viewers on Twitch; however, the dog then jumped onto GsxrClyde's lap to inspect the harness, only to be violently shoved into a fridge behind the streamer.

The Destiny streamer then said, "You're pissing me off. Jesus Christ. Stupid f**k." The force applied also seemed to knock several items balancing on top of the fridge to the ground.

While the shoving is comparable to Alinity's cat throwing scandal, some Reddit and Twitter users also slammed the streamer's response to the dog's behaviour.

Twitch streamer Gsxrclyde under fire for shoving dog into mini-fridge
Twitch streamer Gsxrclyde came under fire for shoving his dog into a mini-fridge. (Picture: Twitch / Gsxrclyde)

One Reddit commented, "I thought a least him turning around would be him being like 'oh shit, didn't mean to do that.' But, nope, with sound, it's just him saying the dog is pissing him off." Another user called it a "vile response."

A user on Twitter slammed GsxrClyde, saying, "I wonder how he will treat his kids," while another said, "That's straight-up not knowing how to handle an animal."

Twitch streamer GsxrClyde claims people witch-hunted the clip

Followingly, GsxrClyde responded to the backlash during a Twitch stream on 4th January.

"I'm a man in this world. But, like, you don't just sit back and let people run their mouths about you [...] that's how people are, they hide behind their computer screens, and they talk like little bitches, and they sit here and think that it's all good and they can do whatever they want," GsxrClyde said.

The Twitch streamer later continued, adding that the incident, which happened roughly eight months ago, only went viral because he included it in a "best of" compilation video and nobody bothered with it when the incident first happened.

GsxrClyde further said that it was his fault that the clip was included in the highlight reel. "That clip has been on Twitch. When it happened, nobody said a damn word. Nobody clipped it and threw it on Twitter," the streamer said.

The streamer continued, saying that if people in the Twitch chat initially thought it was wrong, "they would have clipped it, and they would have put it exactly on Twitter right away. But it just sat there, and people witch-hunted it."

Regardless, many users agree that it is no way to treat a dog. Twitch has not formally addressed the incident at the time of writing; however, we will endeavour to provide an update regarding any further developments.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Gsxrclyde and Bungie.