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Dr Disrespect's YouTube stream labeled as kid-friendly prompting outrage from fans who want to use chat

With Dr Disrespect's first YouTube stream reaching over 300,000 concurrent viewers, chat being disabled caused a lot of frustration for fans.
Dr Disrespect is back! The streaming icon decided to make his long-awaited return via YouTube, to an audience that surpassed the 300,00 concurrent viewers, even before the Doc himself showed up on camera.

Dr Disrespect youtube stream                                                           (Photo: Dr Disrespect)

As an integral part of every streaming experience, users were expecting to flood Doc's chat with messages and emotes to express their excitement. Sadly, as many quickly discovered, this option is currently disabled on his YouTube stream.

The reason? His stream is labelled as kid-friendly, thus, automatically taking chat functionalities away from the broadcast, to the frustration of thousands of fans, expressing their annoyance on social media.

"Um doc can you fix the chat please it says made for kids," said Twitter user L7 Demon, echoing the sentiment of thousands of fans.

It's uncertain if this is a conscious decision or a massive oversight from the Doc, we will update you as soon as more information becomes available.