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F1 Elly Finds Inappropriate Pics Of Herself On Cameraman's Phone

Twitch streamer F1 Elly discovered inappropriate, non-consensual pictures of herself, taken and saved on her cameraman's phone.
F1 Elly Finds Inappropriate Pics Of Herself On Cameraman's Phone

Formula One and Red Bull Racing content creator F1 Elly allegedly made a rather disgusting and horrific discovery while streaming at Circuit of the Americas (COTA). According to F1 Elly, her cameraman had supposedly been taking non-consensual, inappropriate pictures of her and keeping them hidden within the Notes app on his mobile phone.

On 22nd October 2022, F1 Elly attended the COTA event to film behind-the-scenes content and conduct interviews; however, two days into the event, she discovered several images allegedly taken by her cameraman without her permission. Following the incident, F1 Elly addressed the issues during her Livestream on 26th October 2022, stating she “didn’t feel safe” after discovering the pictures.

F1 Elly "Scared" After Finding Inappropriate Pics Of Herself

f1 elly discovered cameraman allegedly taking inappropriate non-consensual photos
F1 Elly discovered her cameraman was allegedly taking inappropriate, non-consensual photos of her.

On 26th October 2022, F1 Elly discussed the incident during a Twitch Livestream. She explained, “I had his phone in my hand; as we were walking down, I was reading chat until we got to the dinner place. At that time, I just wanted to figure out what time exactly we needed to be at the dinner.”

However, upon checking her cameraman’s phone, F1 Elly entered the Notes app, thinking the schedule was nestled somewhere. But to her surprise, she found a folder with “a lot” of inappropriate, non-consensual pictures taken of herself. At first, F1 Elly said she didn’t “recognize the photos” and that it took a while for it all to make sense.

After confronting her cameraman about the photos’ purpose, he supposedly replied, stating it was for “Instagram Stories” before attempting to “pull the phone away” and delete the images.

F1 Elly explained that she immediately told her cameraman to show her the notes, and after taking a better look at the photos, she realized the truth and immediately felt disgusted.

After that moment, F1 Elly continued streaming, albeit not to produce more content, but rather because she “didn’t feel safe” being alone with “someone she didn’t recognize” anymore. 

F1 Elly later clarified that the non-consensual pictures allegedly taken of her weren’t “Instagram Stories” but instead inappropriate images captured when she was vulnerable. F1 Elly claimed some of the pictures were captured when she was livestreaming and inside her “hotel" room. 

Concluding, F1 Elly stated she found the moment scary and “stressful” but revealed she’s doing fine now and is still processing the incident. Feel free to watch the full explanation on F1 Elly's Twitch channel. The discussion begins at mark 58:00.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch via F1 Elly.