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FaZe Adapt banned from Twitch following GTA RP stream

Alexander Hamilton, also known as FaZe Adapt, has been banned on Twitch after a GTA Roleplaying stream, causing confusion for the streamer and fans.
FaZe Adapt banned from Twitch following GTA RP stream

Streaming platform Twitch isn't transparent when it comes to a specific reason for a ban. Early on 15th February 2021, Fortnite star Clix got banned for no clear reason, and now, FaZe Clan's Alexander "Adapt" Hamilton has been hit by a banhammer on his first day back, following a GTA roleplaying stream.

FaZe Adapt banned from Twitch

After months of silence, FaZe Adapt returned to streaming on Twitch. He jumped on the renewed GTA roleplaying craze, joining a server and having some fun on stream.

In the early hours of the morning on 15th February, FaZe Adapt got banned from Twitch for the second time ever. The first ban lasted three days back in May 2020, and there's no telling exactly how long the new ban will last.

On Twitter, FaZe Adapt seemed very confused as to why he got banned on Twitch, exclaiming in all caps: "MY FIRST DAY BACK STREAMING IN MONTHS I GET BANNED FOR STREAMING GTA RP WTF??? HOW??!"

FaZe Adapt banned twitch Alexander Hamilton(Picture: Twitter)

Both FaZe Adapt and fans on Twitter are confused as to what exactly got the Twitch streamer banned in his recent stream. In May 2020, he was banned for allegedly streaming "suggestive content or activities."

Some replies on Twitter suggest FaZe Adapt violated the "hateful conduct and harassment" section of the Twitch Community Guidelines.

However, there's no clear evidence to suggest FaZe Adapt did violate any rules while streaming some GTA RP gameplay.

Since this is FaZe Adapt's second strike, the ban might not be permanent, and could possibly last only three days just like his first one.

At the time of writing, Twitch has yet to respond to the ban (we don't expect them too) and it appears as if FaZe Adapt and his fans are still trying to figure out why this ban occurred.