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FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity: Schedule, participants, how to watch and more

The American org will be live streaming the event alongside big-name personalities from online and mainstream media!
Hilarity for Charity, a nonprofit movement led by the Rogens bringing light to Alzheimer’s disease, will be working with FaZe Clan for a special event on Twitch.

The charity stream will be held in efforts to help families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and to inspire the next generation of leaders in brain health research and education.

In the world of gaming with all of its reach and age range, health conversations are mostly unheard of outside of performance concerns, so we love to hear this and it will be a breath of fresh air for all.

From participants to when and where to catch the stream, here’s everything you need to know about the FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity event.

FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity event participants

The FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity event will have the following participants playing Rocket League and plenty of other video games in support of a great cause:

  • Seth Rogen
  • Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengston
  • Nate Hill
  • Adin Ross
  • Mike Majlak
  • Jared “SunlessKhan” Zook

faze clan, stream, rocket league, seth rogen, banks, sunless khan, rocket league, charity, alzheimer, how to watch, link, money, video game(Picture: FaZe Clan)

FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity event date

The FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity event will be held on the following dates on 17th June at 2 pm PT.

FaZe Clan Hilarity for Charity event: How to watch

You can catch the historic event over at the official FaZe Clan Twitch channel.

We can’t wait to see Sunless and Seth on the same stream at the same time to finally confirm that they are the same person, praying hands emoji.