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FaZe Kay to take legal action against Coffeezilla after "SaveTheKids" scam allegations

Former FaZe Clan member, Kay, recently sent a cease and desist letter and threatened legal action against Coffeezilla, after exposing his alleged involvement in “SaveTheKids” crypto scam.
FaZe Kay to take legal action against Coffeezilla after "SaveTheKids" scam allegations

Frazier "Kay" Khattri, a former FaZe Clan member, was previously alleged to be involved in a major cryptocurrency scam. After considerable backlash, FaZe Clan announced on the 2nd of July that it would be removing Kay from their roster and proceeded to suspend several of its members alleged to be involved in the operation, including Jarvis, Nikan and Teeqo.

Not long after this announcement, further details were leaked online that was later aggregated and contextualized by YouTuber, Coffeezilla. In the video, it was alleged that FaZe members Kay, Jarvis and Nikan all bought “pre-sale” tokens and later profited by selling the tokens shortly after the token's price was artificially inflated (i.e. in a scheme known as a “pump and dump”). FaZe Kay has denied the allegations and recently threatened legal action against Coffeezilla for his “defamatory” statements.

FaZe Kay threatens Coffezilla with legal action

On the 14th of July, Coffeezilla tweeted: “[Frazier Kay] sent me a cease and desist letter yesterday for my SaveTheKids video. He says I caused him to lose ‘millions in revenue’ and that if I don’t delete my videos, he’s going to sue me”. 

Coffeezilla further pointed out in the comments that he reached out to FaZe Banks who said “FaZe has zero involvement with [Kay] since he was kicked out of the team”. This means that Kay is acting independently in his attempt to hush things up, adding that “the details of this case are simply bizarre”.

The cease and desist letter issued by Kay’s lawyers accuse Coffeezilla of “threatening communications” and “extortion” after he privately messaged Kay for a response. According to Coffeezilla, this is not true since he only reached out to Kay in an attempt to “[ask] him for a comment”. 

faze kay in response video savethekids token scam
FaZe Kay (Picture: YouTube)

The letter also indicates that Coffeezilla’s video was defamatory, despite reporting on information that was publicly available on the blockchain.

Coffeezilla further alluded that Kay’s lawyers could also target SomeOrdinaryGamers since he also recently exposed details implicating Kay in the scam, which you can watch below.

We've copied the first page of the cease and desist below but you can read the full letter, linked here.

coffeezilla youtuber faze kay savethekids crypto scam legal action
Kay sends cease and desist letter to CoffeeZilla (Picture: Twitter / Coffeezilla)

Investigative journalist, Kevin Hitt retweeted Coffeezilla and commented that it is “an absolute joke” that Kay’s response is “to try and scar a journalist from writing about this huge story”.

Mutahar Anas (from SomeOrdinaryGamers channel on YouTube) also commented, saying: “man do these people really wanna go to court holy s***. Imagine what will get uncovered lmao”.

Despite the legal threats, it would seem as though Coffeezilla has no intention of retracting his statements or deleting any of his videos. He jokingly said: “I’m gonna miss the deadline boys”.

He also detailed another scam that Kay may have been involved in, called “MoonPug token”, through which he profited "about $100,000 [...] in the first few hours".

moonpug faze kay token scam coffezilla
Coffeezilla alleges Kay's involvement in MoonPug token scam (Picture: YouTube / Coffeezilla)

Coffeezilla indicated that he intends on uploading another video about SaveTheKids “very soon” and that the MoonPug token incident is just “10% of the dirty” that he has on Kay.

It’s clear that Coffeezilla has no intention of backing out and claims that Kay was not naive to his activities. We endeavour to continue to update our readers on the latest developments regarding this story.

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Header image via CoffeeZilla / Twitter.