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Froste gets Twitch ban during subathon over Disney DMCA claim

Twitch streamer, Froste, has been banned from streaming on Twitch for 48 hours after he received a DMCA strike during a subathon for allegedly watching Disney's Black Panther on stream.
Froste gets Twitch ban during subathon over Disney DMCA claim

Froste is a popular Twitch streamer and formerly produced content for the 100 Thieves group "The Mob" which garnered him significant attention. The streamer has since grown his Twitch channel to nearly 90,000 followers and boasts 1.4 million views on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Froste was recently streaming a subathon but it was abruptly cut short after he received a DMCA strike from Disney. The reason for the ban was "allegedly" for watching the Disney Marvel movie "Black Panther" live on his stream. Many streamers would have been upset about the strike, like Twitch star Felix "xQc" Lengyel, but Froste appears unscathed.

Froste banned from Twitch after Disney DMCA strike

On the 9th of August, Froste tweeted that he "got a DMCA strike from Disney" and reported that his Twitch ban will last "48 hours".

froste ban twitch dmca disney black panther movie
Froste banned from Twitch after Disney DMCA strike. (Picture: Twitch / Froste)

He said that the reason for the ban was for "allegedly watching Black Panther on stream" and that his subathon will continue once his ban has been lifted.

Froste's ban has spurred many fans to trend the "FreeFroste" hashtag on social media in his defence but pleaded to his fans not to tag Disney.

"Bruh, stop tagging Disney in my tweets, they gonna see the rest of the evidence and lock me up for life", Froste jokingly tweeted.

Some Twitter users have tried to defend the Twitch star by saying that he was merely watching "extended trailers" of the Disney Marvel movie. "Can't believe you got banned for streaming trailers", one Twitter user wrote.

froste twitch ban disney dmca claim strike black panther movie marvel
Froste doesn't appear too upset over the Twitch ban. (Picture: Twitter / Froste)

Despite these attempts, it would appear as though Froste certainly knew he was in the wrong.

It's widely known that streaming movies on Twitch without permission is a huge "no-no". In response to a Tweet by Dexerto, Froste even said that he would do it again.

Froste has chosen to address the incident in a humorous manner and appropriated the opportunity to respond to various comments on Twitter.

froste twitch ban
Froste subathon to continue after 48-hour Twitch ban. (Picture: Twitter / Froste)

It also doesn't seem as though Froste will contest the DMCA claim like xQc did and this is probably because he knew he was in the wrong (or perhaps because it is not even worth it).

At the time of writing, Froste has a little over 1 day remaining of his Twitch ban so we should see him continue his subathon relatively soon.

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Header image via Twitch / Froste.