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Greekgodx Hit With Fourth Twitch Ban After Alleged Racism Incident

Greekgodx was slammed with his second Twitch ban this month after allegedly mocking an Asian family during a live stream.
Greekgodx Hit With Fourth Twitch Ban After Alleged Racism Incident

Twitch partner Dimitri "Greekgodx" Antonatos (or just Greek) has been at the center of much controversy this year. On 30th June 2022, Greek was banned on Twitch after going on a sexist rant about women: "I'm going [...] earn all the money; you're going to be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and making sure my home is f*cking clean."

Then, weeks later, the Twitch streamer came under fire after claiming that OnlyFans was proof that "women are OK with being objectified if it's for money." And now, on 28th July 2022, the hot-headed Twitch streamer was slammed with yet another ban for allegedly mocking an Asian family during an IRL live stream.

Twitch Bans Greekgodx After Alleged Racism Toward Asians

According to the StreamerBots webpage, this is Greekgodx's fourth Twitch ban; it is also the second ban Greek has received this month. While the streamer has not yet lost his Partner status, it's needless to say that he is skating on thin ice.

why was greek banned on twitch greekgodx twitch ban racism
Greekgodx has received four Twitch bans thus far. (Picture: StreamerBans)

Although unconfirmed, esports reporter Jake Lucky initially claimed via Twitter that Greekgodx was banned for "mocking an Asian family" during his Twitch live stream. In the Tweet, Jake included a clip of Greekgodx making a seemingly racist mockery of a family he was passing by.

jake lucky why was greekgodx banned twitch mocking asian family racism
Jake Lucky initially claimed Greek was banned for "mocking an Asian family." (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky via Keemstar)

In particular, Greek appeared to be making fun of the family's foreign language. Jake Lucky later deleted the Tweet, presumably due to unsubstantiated claims regarding Greek's Twitch ban; this was before reposting the clip with a different caption, albeit not without sparking massive backlash.

Quote-Tweeting Jake Lucky's initial Twitter post, Greek said: "This is funny because that wasn’t an Asian family. That was a geek (sic) family speaking Greek. And to assume that they are Asian is very wrong in itself. My family members are Asian; why would I be racist to the people who brought me up?"

greekgodx racism allegations twitch ban
Greekgodx claims that he wasn't mocking the family but instead making "random noises." (Picture: Twitter / Greekgodx)

The streamer continued, "I make some random noises, and people assume I’m being racist. What is wrong with this world." While it's unclear what the exact reason was for Twitch's action, be it racism or not, Greek's account remains banned despite his claims of making "random noises."

There is no telling how long the streamer will remain banned; however, assuming Twitch doesn't repeal his suspension, we can expect Greekgodx to resume streaming within the next one to two weeks. We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Greekgodx.